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Sunday, January 5, 2014

New York Times Benghazi Report and Conservative Chagrin!

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!  Almost reads like that always just under the surface conservative chant, "USA, USA, USA." 

When embassies are attacked, the responsibility is shared and not the fault of only one or two people. The real tragedy after getting past hostage taking and death is the horror of political operatives and right-wing media in turning such attacks into political mantra. 

Adam Serwer, Mother Jones, published a piece about attacks on US embassies and consulates on October 2nd, 2012. If you recall just before the 2012 General Election and one month before Serwer's piece, the US consulate in Libya was attacked by armed attackers.

The nation was beset with congressional committee hearings that, in many cases, provided opportunity for the GOP to slam the Obama Administration and offered opportunity to strategically take shots at a future presidential candidate: Hillary Clinton.

The attacks on Clinton as, then Secretary of State during the Benghazi crisis, were unyielding and frankly, way over-the-top.  If you watched any news over the past couple of years you have seen the following outburst of frustration from Clinton. We at the TPI did not find the outburst indicative of a seasoned professional and politician, but that is a matter for another time. Nonetheless, here it is...

Hillary Clinton 
For our WordPress readers in case the embed fails:

John Kerry

The ultimate of self-aggrandizing and political phoniness: 

Rand Paul

"....If I were president....." 

As the GOP rambled along with a self-anointed political "gotcha", professional journalist like Serwer went about the business of accurate portrayal of US Embassy tragedies since 1970. The following excepts from the Serwer piece places embassy, consulate and foreign service tragedies in perspective. 

"High-profile targets like ambassadors have always been in danger because they're the symbol of the United States," Chamberlin says. "What you don't want to represent is that you distrust the people, that you don't want to engage with the people, that you hate being there. It's an important part of your mission and get out and mix with the population." Moreover, under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations it is actually the host country that is responsible for the security of diplomatic facilities, not the Marines. The primary responsibility of the Marine Corps' Embassy Security Group states that its "primary mission" is "to prevent the compromise of classified material vital to the national security of the United States," while their "secondary mission" is to "provide protection for US citizens and US government property" during "exigent circumstances." Their first responsibility is to guard secrets, not diplomats.

Serwer also published a graph with graphic illustration of the many attacks on US foreign service professionals. Unfortunately the graph excludes Benghazi, but the illustration is in pure numbers and Bengali would simply add a bar for 2012.

Of course, Fox News and every GOP pundit who could still breathe leveraged Benghazi as comparable to a  "Rebel Yell" (pun unintended). 

The 60 Minutes segment was such well crafted fakery, Fox News "Benghazi'd" throughout the following three weeks. When Fox reaches for Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) from a network Fox Normally refers to as "mainstream  media", you must know Fox producers felt they had a "goody." A real goody treat for their seething and blood thirsty Obama haters!

Within a couple of years, the ever-opportunistic CBS (via the once credible 60 Minutes) broadcast a historic and shameful example of television journalism that rivaled frequent broadcast propaganda from Fox News. It should be noted in 2011 CBS executive management hired David Rhodes, a former Fox News executive, to head the CBS news division. 

We need not explore that reality farther as it implications are clear and probably manifest in the 60 Minutes segment

By chance do you recall Fox reports as the 60 Minutes fiasco went south (excuse the pun)?

Years later a definitive Benghazi report has been released by the New York Times (NYT) revealed Benghazi was not perpetrated by groups the US would classically consider Al Qaeda.

Can you imagine what the NYT report does to a staple in the GOP political "playbook?" If you can imagine the impact on the GOP, take another foray into your gray matter for impact on Fox News!

If you need the visuals, here are.

Bill  O'Reilly

You didn't have to delve too deep in your gray matter for the visuals, did you?

Let's close with  a much more cerebral segment related to the NYT report. The piece is admittedly biased, but undeniable in placing Benghazi in true perspective.

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