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Thursday, January 30, 2014

New York Times's Flaw Redaction, NSA Agent, And News Skirmishes

Re-blog via Post.US and links from Bob Cesca's The Daily Banter.   We thank Bob for allowing linkage to his piece. 


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Earlier in the week, I read the following from Bob Cesca's The Daily Banter web page: Linked.  Before you read any farther, know that I agree wholeheartedly with Cesca's contempt for Edward Snowden and the surreptitious way he wormed into employment with an NSA contractor for the sole purpose of espionage. Some call the man a "whistleblower" and he has just been nominated for a Nobel Prize. We prefer libertarian traitor who has perpetrated espionage. Our libertarian assumption regarding Snowden is based in his affinity for Ron Paul and lack of evidence he is not similarly inclined socially and politically towards libertarianism.

In  case you feel I am callous and uncaring regarding invasions of privacy, think again and appreciate my knowledge of world events. My knowledge of potential privacy invasions goes back to 2011 and George W. Bush/Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld's security measures in response to 9/11.  Our knowledge of NSA and FBI monitoring was again ignited in 2006 with all major phone carriers compiled with NSA monitoring. Qwest is the only major carrier to deny NSA request for monitoring joint-operations. We are unaware if Qwest remains defiant in meta-data monitoring programs. 

USA Today May 2006....

AT&T recently merged with SBC and kept the AT&T name. Verizon, BellSouth and AT&T are the nation's three biggest telecommunications companies; they provide local and wireless phone service to more than 200 million customers. 
The three carriers control vast networks with the latest communications technologies. They provide an array of services: local and long-distance calling, wireless and high-speed broadband, including video. Their direct access to millions of homes and businesses has them uniquely positioned to help the government keep tabs on the calling habits of Americans. 
Among the big telecommunications companies, only Qwest has refused to help the NSA, the sources said. According to multiple sources, Qwest declined to participate because it was uneasy about the legal implications of handing over customer information to the government without warrants.  
Qwest's refusal to participate has left the NSA with a hole in its database. Based in Denver, Qwest provides local phone service to 14 million customers in 14 states in the West and Northwest. But AT&T and Verizon also provide some services — primarily long-distance and wireless — to people who live in Qwest's region. Therefore, they can provide the NSA with at least some access in that area.

The salient point is, I am past alarm at measures taken to help ward-off potential threats to the nation. I also understand the value and leverage of INTEL that places the US far ahead of adversaries. Value and leverage probably lost due to Snowden's self-anointed 'white knight' actions.

Awareness of the 2006 revelations and and absence of follow-up indicating cessation of monitoring facilitated quick assimilation of an item that strained relations between newly elected President Obama and his electronic security experts. The experts attempted to break Obama away from his BlackBerry. Obama refused to give-up his prefer communication "toy"; his security experts worked (at great expense) to tamper proof his BlackBerry. If a person was a thinking person during that period and recall the tug-of-war over the BlackBerry, the person should have realized the kerfuffle was due to the experts knowledge of cell phone vulnerability. Of course, what as individual know comes from personal knowledge and experience. If I know how to break into a safe, and I am hired to protect the safe, I am going to use my knowledge to prop-up "safe" security. Electronic security experts knew their level of INTEL gathering via the cell phone, why leave a president vulnerable? So, the phone kerfuffle subsided with Obama's hyper-secured cell phone.

An informed life comes with a price. It takes time, effort, memory and perseverance in use of cognitive process for assimilation of information. The price also includes willingness to seek out and recognize "motive." (A driving force in all living species). I do not believe Snowden's only reason for his 'crusade' was your and my privacy and constitutional rights.

Yes I agree wholeheartedly with Bob Cesca on matter related to Meta-data and NSA monitoring.  

Now, for background on the New York Times revelation of an NSA operative via publishing Edward Snowden's "bounty." The NY Times should be much more careful. Snowden does no care about the danger of revealing US INTEL, INTEL Agents and INTEL OPs, some of use do care.

New York Times Suffers Redaction Failure, Exposes Name Of NSA Agent And Targeted Network In Uploaded PDF (via Techdirt)
It appears as if the New York Times, in its latest publication of leaked NSA documents, failed to properly redact the PDF it uploaded, exposing the name of the NSA agent who composed the presentation as well as the name of a targeted network. Cryptome…

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