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Friday, January 3, 2014

Obamacare: Moving Away From The October Rollout

Within the week, I experienced what seems a common occurrence. While interacting with an auto mechanic (close friend), the topic moved to his foreign born wife and child, and issues regarding healthcare.  

My knowledge of my friend has always included awareness of his political leanings as he often has a radio playing in his garage. The radio after the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, moved from various music genres to talk radio. If you are a high information person (a "HIPPER" Vs a LIV Low Information Voter) you know that means. His listening preference had moved to the Dana Loesch Show and deep ebbs of flows to anti-Democrat, anti-progressive and anti-Obama rhetoric on a daily basis. 

The conversation led to a comment about how healthcare reform had been "botched." While, I agreed with the inept and discombobulated roll-out,  I was not accepting of additional indictments of the ACA. My impatience was fueled to strike like a rattlesnake within close proximity striking distance, buoyed by effective improvements of the ACA website.

After another inane and non-supportive common, the epiphany hit. After his comment about how the Democrats "shut-out" the Republicans in developing the law, and receiving a quick lesson in GOP obstruction, the conversation led to a telling revelation. While delivering a quick run-through on various benefits of the ACA, I noticed he was unaware of a key component of the law.  He did not seem to be well schooled on the horrors of reaching the common insurance industry $1,000,000 life-time maximum. Of course, ACA benefits would escape the friend as the media he assimilates over an eight-hour period each workday is Right-wing radio.

The quick quasi-political conservation ended with a quick agreement that the US Congress is lost and ineffective as governing body. We managed to avoid direct conversation about the president. Heck, I need my beloved mechanic and close friend.

As we move away from the troubled ACA website through over 1,000,000 enrollments since the end of November, we thought it would be good to embed an MSNBC ACA update.

Regardless of problems with an internet roll-out, anyone who attempts to argue the ACA is not good of the United States has an agenda paradigm to hate "all things Obama", a person who cares nothing about people who do not have some form of medical coverage, or the person benefits from staunch opposition to the ACA. In either case, the person is uncharacteristically inhumane and probably has voted GOP most of their adult life.

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