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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Paul Vallely, Former General, Espouses Open Sedition!

Former US general and obvious conservative "whackhead" espouses armed revolution while claiming he isn't do so.

Paul Vallely, a retired major general and senior military analyst for Fox News and website developer seeks open sedition.  What is it about these people that sedition was never spoken as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney led the nation into economic, jingoist and international hell?

We will leave the question for you to answer. 

The Raw Story
“Writing letters to these senators and congressmen, I am so frustrated because nothing happens,” Vallely said. “I’m not inciting a revolution, but we’ve got to get more physical and stand up and protest. 
He said such a protest would be a continuation of Tea Party activism.

“The great things the Tea Party did, I mean, they were out there in the community, standing up, being seen,” Vallely said. “They did things, so we’ve got to go based on what the Tea Party has done and elevate it into something and get more younger people involved. So I don’t know how else to do it.”

Fox News analyst tells Tea Party group he can lead a military coup against Obama (via Raw Story )
A retired Army general and Fox News analyst told a Tea Party group that he would lead a military coup against the U.S. government, if only reluctantly. Paul Vallely, a retired major general and senior military analyst for the conservative news channel…

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