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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quick Hit: Fox News Proves Its Farcical Existence


How many African-American Senators have seats int eh US Senate. Answer: Two. Tim Scott (R) South Carolina;  Corry Booker (D) New Jersey.

Do you think that any major US news network would posses the wherewithal and professional knowledge base (someplace in the organization) to know of both Senators and their paths to the US Senate? Scott, the Republican, was appointed by the abandoning-ship Jim Demint; Booker was elected after the death of a previous Democratic Senator from the State of New Jersey.

Well, it seems Fox News lost track of current events, failed the test of news acumen and knowledge base, or is so into propaganda, they feel their viewers would not catch the grievous error. We posit the network is not a news network so to categorize the errors as inept doesn't work for us. 


MediaMatters caught this one.......

Fox News is nothing shy of Pathetic.

January 26 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

Question.. Would a real news network have made such a blunder?  But, then my question embodies my overall point and answers my question.

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