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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quick Hits...Fox News Scores Again

This is a major "Quick Hit" from Media Matters. Graphics also from the Business Insider.

Fox New managers and producers labor to create visual representation that are so inaccurate, I know people who watch Fox for the simple sake of determining how quickly they can depict fake charts. Charts and graphics developed to mislead its viewers, while providing fodder for Obama Derangement Syndrome. 

A quick review of our point.

Do the numbers equal 100 percent? 

The Classic!  

This work was clearly aimed at pulling the wool over the eye and minds of viewers who never question Fox News.  For the high information viewer, it took a millisecond to see the fallacy of how Fox producers constructed the image.

fox news graph fail


We have more baseline manipulation. Such manipulation will make the overall study and representation appear much more drastic.

fox news graph
Whatever happened to developing graphics that equal 100 percent?  Does Fox viewers not realize that any such pie charts with totally data over 100 percent is comparable to seeking episodes of the Three Stooges with hope of learning molecular biology.

Checkout the 'Y'Axis to the right side of the chart.  Now, why would the baseline start at 34 percent? 

fox news graph fail


Baseline manipulation is a mainstay of Fox New graphic development and presentation. It works because the illustration are flashes across the screen and Fox News viewers, do not appear to be very discerning.

fox news graph fail

We are guessing it is not propaganda if people really do wish to believe Fox News broadcasts.  However, we do not understand why so many Americans get a charge from being manipulated.

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