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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rand Paul Astounds While Simultaneously Underwhelming!

Rand Paul on President Obama's SOTU Address (January 27, 2013) with CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

It didn't sound very conciliatory."  "Conciliatory?" 
(Merrian - Webster: con·cil·i·ate verb \kən-ˈsi-lē-ˌāt\ : to make (someone) more friendly or less angry)

"Lower the Tax in any industry." 

"Virtually all of the studies show, if you increase the minimum wage you get higher unemployment, particularly among teenage unemployment, particularly black unemp...(Inaudible)..."

"I am not sure I am saying that, I'm not sure I have an answer as to whether or not it is right or wrong."

"I am not sure I am saying that...."  Could that be because it was not written by someone else and plagiarized, Senator Paul?

Sometimes it is better to keep the mouth closed then open the mouth and be discovered an idiot.

Steve Benen MSNBC, took the issue head-on as Paul's flaky equivocal answers should exposed and deeply probed.  
Benen excerpt
The minimum wage is very popular with the American mainstream, as are Democratic calls for an increase. Republicans generally feel like they can get away with blocking wage increases – though even that’s a dodgy move in an election year – but usually hedge before calling for the law’s destruction.
Which brings us to an interesting interview last night between Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Wolf Blitzer, shortly after President Obama’s State of the Union address.BLITZER: He announced on increasing the minimum wage, the federal contractors would get an increase immediately to $10.10 an hour, which is not a huge amount of money by any means, but it’s a little bit more than the current minimum wage. Are you with him on that?PAUL: If you increase the price of something, you’ll get less of it. So, all of the studies, virtually all of the studies show that if you increase the minimum wage, you get higher unemployment, particularly teenage unemployment, particularly black teenagers –BLITZER: Do you believe in a minimum wage?PAUL: Well, I think when you look at raising it, all of the studies show that if you raise it, you get more unemployment. So, really, the market place does a better job at determining what….You’ll notice that Paul didn’t answer the follow-up question. Asked whether he believes in a minimum wage, the senator talked about why he opposes an increase. (He’s spectacularly wrong, by the way about the economic research on wages and unemployment, but that’s another subject for another post.)And that’s when the interview got a little more interesting.
BLITZER: So, there shouldn’t be any federal minimum wage?PAUL: I’m not sure I’m saying that. But I think what I am – I’m not sure I have an answer as far as whether there is a right or wrong –BLITZER: You’re a United States senator. You thought about whether or not there should be a federal –PAUL: Not necessarily.
Watch again as the rambling and nonsensical Paul stumbles over his own verbiage. He does so while attempting to hide a motive from high information thinkers; motive that will gain traction among people who are inclined to vote GOP.  

Rand Paul on Meet The Press (viewers worldwide) this past Sunday morning.

Alternate clip from Youtube:

"Sometimes it is better to keep the mouth closed then open the mouth and be discovered an idiot."

Excerpt for Transcript         
DAVID GREGORY: But it should be an issue--

SEN. RAND PAUL: --but it is a factor in judging Bill Clinton in history. 

DAVID GREGORY: Right, but is it something that Hillary Clinton should be judged on if she were a candidate in 2016? 

SEN. RAND PAUL: Yeah-- no, I'm not saying that. This is with regard to the Clintons, and sometimes it's hard to separate one from the other. But I would say that, with regard to his place in history, that it certainly is a discussion. And I think in my state, you know, people tend to sort of frown upon that. You know, if there were someone in my community who did that, they would be socially-- we would dissociate from somebody who would take advantage of a young women in the workplace.

The never-say-enough Paul also agreed to take his exact message to CBS this past Wednesday morning.


"Bill Clinton a bad guy who took advantage of a young girl." When asked about relevance, he responded (again)."I am not so sure."

Full embed for comment about "conciliatory."

We will not visit with a Fox News clip as you can imagine what it will show and why waste the time and webpage space?

Rand Paul is supposedly an aspirant to the US Presidency. The cast of characters on the Right who aspire to the Oval Office are an interesting lot. From Chris "Bridgegate" Christe to "Mike "Women 'Can't Control Their Libido' Without Birth Control from 'Uncle Sugar..." Huckabee,  past Marco "water please" Rubio, through Ted Cruz "Shut er down" Cruz ,right up to the zaniest potential presidential candidate I can recall.  Paul is a cloned chip from his father and he fulfills the "apples close to the tree" on a daily basis. In fact, as I listen and watch the Senator from Kentucky, I am amazed at how he reminds me of Sarah Palin. (And, that is a serious non-compliment to them both!).

Like Palin, we realize Paul is speaking to a specific audience. Problem is, he is moving towards declaring a run for the GOP nomination in 2015 and has to speak to a broader audience. He delivers a message and presents an affect that fail miserably once he steps outside of the safe confines of Fox News and AM talk radio.

His logic, communication and prose literally come across like a Hermit Crab outside of its protective shell. He knows he has to venture just outside the shell, but cannot stay for lang and while exposed appears very discombobulated. One would think Paul would have acquire some degree of rational presentation of himself after a few "tea party" years in the US Senate. Yet, he continues to broach topics without a cerebral base (of information) to backup his points. Once, challenged he quick reverts into a shell, "Well, I do not, I'm not sure, or I'm not saying that." 

Would you As a US Senator
employee this man?
Moreover, he doesn't appear to show an once of commitment to his own words. Ultimately, he comes across as phony, surfacy, and disingenuous rambling man with a background in plagiarism. What does his tendency to plagiarize have to do with his overt lack of logical acuity? Frankly, he exacerbates our suspicion he is legitimately shallow as opposed to simply "dense."  He also has exhibited very poor judgment in pubic affiliation with a communication expert who called himself the "Southern Avenger" and who wore a confederate flag akin to the wearing of a KKK hood. Nwo, we ask, what will the guy avenge? Paul spoke to a predominantly black crowd of Howard University students with the 'ghost' of the "Southern Avenger" hanging over his head. How callous?

Our comments boil down to issues of credibility, and in Paul's case sanity. We all know exactly why Rand Paul is attacking Hillary Clinton via her husband. He is performing an early offense to potentially neutralize Bill Clinton as a formidable campaigner and throw dirty on the Clinton brand.
"Conciliatory." First, allow me to state, we think the word is a but complex for Rand Paul.  But, of course, I think it was a playbook talking-point established before the SOTU. Actually, Obama's address was overly conciliatory, even though moderately effectively if he wants any level of cooperation from the Right. Not only did Obama reach-out for a soft and respectful moment with Speaker Boehner, he went positively and amenably straight at Senator Marco Rubio (a another potential water carrier for 2016 - pun intended). Factually, Obama specifically asked more than once for cooperation. Since we have highlighted two examples of what might be an effort to be friendly and amenable, let's go directly to "conciliation."

Has the GOP made one effort to work with the president and his administration? Improvement in the economy have come solely through efforts from the White House without any support from the GOP? In fact, longstanding Obstruction from  the Right has stifled economic growth, slowed development of the ACA (At $60 million wasted on frivolous repeal votes), and led to a Sequester and federal government shutdown that delivered a major hit to GDP growth.   

Paul's silly use of "My way or the highway," Should fall on unhearing ears. Yet, sadly, millions buy into his oratory without deep thinking about the messenger.

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