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Friday, January 10, 2014

UPDATE January 19, 2014: Rand Paul Steps Into A World Of Provable Lie

UPDATE:  Washington Post The Fact Checker...How did Rand Paul's son end-up on Medicaid?

As we suggested in our piece of last week, the prospect of Paul's son and automatic enrollment in Medicaid is as remote as Rand Paul avoiding plagiarism.

The Fact Checker did not outright declare Pinocchio (s) based on what is available for review (today); the article reads with the same level of suspicion we keyboard a week ago.


We restate our commitment to what we perceive as a Rand Paul lie!

Start your viewing at the 7:33 minute mark. unless you wish to sit through seven minutes of the most dishonest and self-aggrandizement idiot in the US Senate. We know of Paul's pathological tendency to lie, plagiarize and simply to make stuff-up If you ever wonder why at times he rambles and stumbles through answers or comments. We suggest he stumbles and rambles because for a split-second he doesn't have a ready lie to lay on the listeners and viewers.

ABC's Interview

Related transcript excerpt
....Your opposition to obamacare has been no secret, but i understand now that the issue has also become personal for you, is it true you had trouble signing up for obamacare and you're not sure your family is covered?  
At this point I'm unsure. The other day I tried to get my son signed up through the Kentucky exchange. I have here my son's medicaid card.  
We didn't try to get him medicaid. I'm trying to pay for his insurance. They automatically enrolled him in medicaid.  
For a month they wouldn't talk to us because they weren't sure he existed. He had to go down to welfare office, prove his existence. Next thing we know we get a medicaid card.  
I'm trying to pay for insurance and can't pay for it and I'm uncertain now whether I'm enrolled d. C. And/or Kentucky. And it's a mess. I keep getting an error code every time I go in, it won't let me edit my policy to try to make sure that my family is covered. This is an unfolding disaster.  
That I don't think gets better any time soon.
Breitbart Dot Com went here with a title slant that was susceptible to backlash from Paul's obvious lying while setting on ABC this past Sunday.

Breitbart 1:07 minutes

As I watched Lawrence O'Donnell broadcast of the Paul's remarks, my mind was filled with, "There is something seriously wrong with his story. The information seemed false and I have heard no other such reports. Why would such a mix-up conveniently hit one of the ACA's major chief opponents (and one of the US Senate's most dishonest people)?"

Mother Jones probed Paul's claims and found the Senator followed suit with his standard practice of stretching he truth to the point of out-right lying. One additional point. Is there a medical diagnosis for the affliction that has beset GOP politicians who invoke their families or involved their families in outright lies and visual subterfuge? The only term that comes to out non-medical minds is: pathological liar

Definition of PATHOLOGICAL LIAR: an individual who habitually tells lies so exaggerated or bizarre that they are suggestive of mental disorder
Where is the veracity and playing fair in the GOP?

We ask you to think back to the Paul Ryan (cameras in tow) invasion of a food pantry mere weeks before the 2012 General Election. We use the word "invasion" because the director of the pantry eventually spoke frankly about Ryan's arrival with no previous warning, prior permission or pantry invitation. Rand Paul's lies via use of his son, is deplorable, yet totally not a surprise. The salient point, is the Ryan family feigned cleaning pots and kitchen utensils. Problem is, all photo shoot items were previously cleaned and properly stored around the pantry. The entire invasion was a photo and film camera opportunity and no more (with his wife and kids as active actors).

Patrick Caldwell, Mother Jones reporter, followed-up on the ABC broadcast as would most good and competent journalist. Unlike, Breitbart Dot Com (who employees no real journalist) and other Right-wing media, via contacting a Kentucky official. Caldwell sought details about Paul's claims. If you saw the Lawrence O'Donnell, The Last Word,  segment last night, you know that Paul's and his Seante team have not returned calls to O''Donnell's researchers. We wonder why?

We are running a redundant video minute of the ABC interview. One reason for the redundant posting is our way of ensuring that Breitbart did not pull a James O'Keeffe strategic editing of the segment. 

Mother Jones

If you did not read the linked Mother Jones piece above, we offer a synopsis.

Paul, a chief opponent of the ACA, had apparently enrolled his family and claims one son was inadvertently enrolled in a program they did not desire. We find the scenario very intriguing. How difficult would it be for the previously proven dishonest Paul to simply claim, "Oh we filled out the wrong form!" If it is discovered he actually enrolled the kid in Medicaid? It wouldn't be very difficult and for a man with a lesser set of values regarding veracity, not a big hill to claim. "Oh we made a mistake." But, think deeper, medical enrollment records are sealed and protected under HIPPA, so if there was enrollment treachery, it may never come up for public scrutiny.  Of course, we should not assume Paul is being honest regarding the entire matter.

Basically, Rand Paul indicted his son was automatically enrolled in Medicaid. He even brandished (from distance) a small card, we assume was to serve as evidence of the improper enrollment. 

Paul commented.
"We didn't try to get him Medicaid…They automatically enrolled him in Medicaid," Paul said. "For a month they wouldn't talk to us because they said they weren't sure he existed. He had to go down to the welfare office, prove his existence, then, next thing we know, we get a Medicaid card."
The Senator did not stop at that point, He stepped into the twilight zone and a universally and effectively shelved his comments as hyperbole.  
"Most of the people in Kentucky are getting automatically enrolled in Medicaid."
According to Caldwell, a conversation with a Kentucky state health official shed light on Pauls' astronomical journey into hyperbole and zaniness. A conversation with Jill Midkiff, communications director of Kentucky's health department, yielded clear disavowal of Paul;s claims. Disavowal based on the actual structure of KYNET enrollment tools.
 "We're not automatically enrolling people," Midkiff explains. "People have to actually go and apply." 
Caldwell sums-up the matter as expected, Paul is lying or Paul is perpetrating a bit of a scam for political advantage.

Midkiff couldn't discuss the Paul family's specific troubles due to confidentiality laws. But her general description of the state's exchange clearly contradicts Paul's story. When a Kentuckian visits Kynect, the state's health insurance website, she's asked to provide basic information about herself—age, location, income, number of dependents, etc.—to determine whether she qualifies for the Medicaid expansion or other insurance subsidies. The website is designed to encourage people who are eligible for Medicaid to apply, but it doesn't force anyone onto the Medicaid rolls. The applicant would still have to actively choose to enroll in a specific Medicaid plan.
The Paul story seems as fishy as his attempt to hide is lack of support for Civil Rights laws via fumbling utterances when caught on camera with Rachel Maddow. Paul doesn't seem to be gifted with an ability to apply deep cognitive processes towards any issues. He also appears a the benefactor of a tea party surge in 2010 to secure a six years seat in the US senate and he doesn't posses the requisite mental acuity to legislate. So, he traipses around stumbling through interviews and if this episode is endemic continues to exercise a trait so often lacking in the US Congress: honesty.

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