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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Right-Wing Disgust Continues and Actually Worsens!

Some started 2014 just as they lived the past five years. They have awakened each morning with nothing, but hatred at the forefront of their psyches. Hatred towards President Obama that often leads to disguising portrayals. Sane Americans generally deal with the sick portrayals, and we offer one case that was policed so effectively by decent Americans, the hater took down her/his portrait of hate.

A poster, and we assume Administrator,  for  "America the next generation," is an obvious seething Obama hater Under that pseudo-dame of  "Patriot."

Patriot apparently has developed a bit of wherewithal with Photoshop. The following meme image shows her/his contempt. Of course, we know that George W. Bush 
received same or similar depictions, so we will leave the image for your interpretation via your values and mores. 

Photo: If you agree go on a d share it! 

OK, low information to the maximum, but entertaining for the few minions who have liked her/his page.  Actually, the image reminds of my perception of the A & E show Duck Dynasty. It leaves me with a question. What fleeting entertainment can one get from the image? Is it a quick hit gotcha from the feeble of mind?  Or, is it a simple manifestation of an exhibition that tends to reinforce the bond among people who spend their lives hating vs. productive use of cognitive  skills to acquire information that improves the quality of life. Of course, as you read the last sentence you know anyone who would find the image entertaining probably harbors ill-will that goes beyond what has been a good and productive US Presidency. 
We posit it is an inarguable these 6,000 likes on the Facebook page includes people who fall into one or more of the following categories. 

I. The Facebook page "Likes" person has to have good medical coverage with no issues regarding visiting a doctor, has preventive cares and has no immediate concerns with reaching a life-time medical insurance  maximum. 

II.  Anyone who hates the cannot have any appreciation for the steady improvements in the US economy. The tragedy here is, while we cannon avoid appreciation for the economic improvements, we have to balance the contempt with the fact the only economic intervention the GOP would have deployed was to cut taxes and government job reduction. The GOP mindset and paradigm doesn't allow additional considerations of economic healing measures beyond "austerity." "Austerity", for the GOP is metaphorical a sibling for the word "intolerance."  For those who prefer their dialog more straight-up, "The GOP is as stuck on austerity as it is in maintaining its party as a bastion of whites privilege (for the predominate white male)." 

III. We can certainly assume the 6,000 minions who visit the page are gainfully employed or have no need for employment. The GOP is so obviously oblivious to the plight of people they helped to place in the ranks of the unemployed, it is unimaginable.  We feel comfortable in calling-out GOP economic malfeasance, as it goes back to the early 1980s  and the Father of Modern Conservatism Ronald Reagan: "trickle-down/supply-side economics." 

IV. As an adjunct to Item II (above) take a look at another image from the Facebook page. 

Right wing Facebook page promotes national holiday for hanging President Obama

Nice Photoshop image, eh? 
Of course, it is a great image if you are one who spends every hour (awake or asleep) hating President Obama, the image possibly led to a shot of psyche satiation. 

The image was captured almost immediately after posted as indicated by the number of "Likes" and "Comments."  The comment thread grew well into the hundreds of responses as many people found the image offensive, inappropriate, seditious and any other words you can image. We are avoiding reference to the profanity reaped upon the page administrator.

If you are wonder how I know intimate details of the 'hell' reaped on the page admin, know that I was there.  The bombardment of the admin was so one-sided and vicious, she/he actually intimated as follows.   

You idiots have now caused the posting to go viral.   

Why can't you just politely asked to have the posting removed.

Now, let's take the image in relation to the two comments above.

The Administration literally lamented about the hell reaped upon the posting via half-assed demurring about how the commenters response had caused the thing to go viral. There-in lies a telling revelation (and probably a lesson learned). First, he naivety of maintaining an OPEN Page and posting vile items viewable by anyone.  Photo-sharing  the act of "LIKING", and other forms of sharing takes whatever we post in Open forums to the realm of international views.  How stupid was the zeal to disparage without subsequent thought about the full scope of exposure? It appears from the comment above, the Admin felt the common practice of  'closet' hatred would protect her/his lack of mental acuity.  

If I may use an analogy.  
In other words, don't blame me, I was just tickling my minion LIKEs. You folks took it to the level of a revelation. In much more blunt terms and metaphorically (ONLY).  

"I decided not to properly wipe my ass after popping earlier; now I stink.  You have told everybody, so my stinking-up the place is your fault."

Do you see the common absurdity of people on the Right who consistently "poop" in their pants and immediately seek opportunity to push their foible, missteps and ignorance off on others. I think cannot help, but revisit Megyn Kelly's Fox News assertion of white privilege ("White Santa" and "White Jesus" on air with a full all white panel) and within days deploy a Fox News strategy of claiming tongue-in-cheek and blaming the "main-stream'media." She did so while proclaiming (obviously written for her) chastising attacks on "...the powerful Fox News."  

The Administrator among additional inane protestation and feeble arguments to the contrary eventually removed the post. But, only after posting the second comment above. "...why not politely ask to have the image removed."  

"Politely!" Imagine the audacity.  The image was placed on their personal Facebook page, granted. They left the settings OPEN for all to see and when hell ensued rather than stick with the image or quietly remove the image, the Admin lashed out in a feeble manner. People who found it time offensives and went about administering a keyboard ass-wiping, were exhorted to "Politely" ask to have the posing removed. If you can spell the word "Gall" now is the time to run through that exercise.

We realize that personal responsibly and civility are ,not traits that exist in many on the Right.  However, the 'free speech' constitutional Rights are being stretched to the limit without regard for decency. The perfect example is the Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty silliness and revelation of Papa Ducks bigotry, racism and tendencies towards relationship with under-aged teen-aged girls.  

Robertson;s circled-wagons moating support for Robertson speaks volumes about common decency from Americans conservatives.   The lessons from this post are obvious, can american afford to turn its existence over to the poli/social Right with all associated disgust and lack of decency?

As the evening ended on the "America the next generation,"  I (so called Patriot) image episode, I noticed one of her/his minions resorted to name calling towards the amenable Admin Most prominent among the vile language was the less vulgar use of the word "Coward."  

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