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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sandra Fluke May Run For Retiring Waxman's House Seat

Do you remember Sandra Fluke. Yes, the  woman law student who sought to speak before Darrel Issa's committee on Obamacare and contraception. She was denied the privilege as Issa seated all men for his committee hearings. 

Fluke spoke out about her contempt for Issa's committee decisions. Her actions and exercise of free speech drew the wrath of the GOP's ideology leader and chief "microphone" executioner: Rush Limbaugh. 

If you do not remember, take a two minute viewing.

Ms. Fluke is contemplating running for a House seat soon to be vacated by retiring California Congressman Rep. Henry Waxman. 

What a blessing should Ms. Fluke decide to run.

Sandra Fluke may run for Henry Waxman’s congressional seat (via Raw Story )
Longtime Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) announced his retirement from office on Thursday, with Sandra Fluke — the former law student who became an early symbol of Republicans’ “war on women” — seemingly in the mix of possible contenders to succeed…

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