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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News Emotionalism Manifest In Another On-air Meltdown!

We know Sean Hannity, is not about the business delivering news. The man is a demagogue and a GOP Fox News shill. 

George W. Bush refers to Hannity as "my buddy" in an interview at the Bush Ranch two years after Bush left the Oval Office.  "My Buddy" is not common vernacular for past presidents when referencing real news professions. It speaks to a perceived relationship in which people have developed an affinity beyond 'open' or 'favorable' news reporting.  "My buddy" simply means a person (buddy) one can rest assured will say nothing inflammatory or negative even when such comments are bundled in journalistic professionalism.  

After considering the ultimate impact of the Bush years, and recalling national horror unsurpassed in US History, Hannity's "Buddyism." is revealing. Even the most basic of revelation is the easy assumption that Hannity did not and would never say an honest word of criticism against Bush.  Thus, the Fox News personality embodies the essence of Fox News propaganda.  As a paid employee of an alleged news network, "buddy" at the lowest denominator means, "I will say nothing bad, I will deflect and defined, and I will postulate in favor of the "buddy. I will see no wrong!" Bush's presidential history is undeniable to any human being with even rudimentary grasps on reality.  It is important to keep in mind the GOP, RNC and conservative power brokers kept Bush/Cheney away from election campaigns since they left office in 2009; they have been hidden from your vote considerations. 

As we whittled "Buddy" down it a basic molecular level we find a denominator that befits Hannity. He will say anything as a conservative propagandist, he will never seriously criticism the Right and he will stoop to any level to influence the minds of people who will sit and listen to his rhetoric.

We offer yet another example of Hannity "insanity" and Hannity communication based in emotional devotion to all things conservative; in fact far-right conservative. 

Before you read on, think about the multi-millionaire propagandist who could allow himself to get completely bent out of shape about issues related to conservatism, while living and working in New York City.  "Insanity!"

Sean Hannity backtracks on threat to leave New York over Gov. Cuomo’s remarks (via Raw Story )
In an appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News show “On the Record” Tuesday, Sean Hannity attempted to walk back his announcement earlier in the day that he was leaving New York for Texas or Florida. Talking Points Memo reported that Hannity…

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