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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Republican Jingoism... GOP Bully ,The Newest Release!

We all Know Representative Grimm (R) NY is a frequent on-air pundit for all things GOP and a major contributor to Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS). He is a talking-point/Playbook guy that actually rivals the twisted non-stop ramble of Marsha Blackburn (R) TN, and the inimitable Sarah Palin (Alaska Governor; quit mid-term). Yes, Grimm is as visible as they come and seems to love the camera. If the representative loves a camera, would would think he has developed a level of wherewithal in interacting with reporters. Unless, and of course, Grimm has something to hide.

A quick search around Google indicates Grimm is a major support of Chris Christe's handling of the Bridgegate Scandal.  Apparently, Grimm felt Christe summarily 'firing' a top aide and his issuing an apology wipes the slate clean.

Grimm literally threatened to "throw the reporter over the balcony." Chris Christe is a bully without question, yet he has never psychically threatened to (effectively) kill a person posing a question. He certainly hasn't shown internal immaturity such that he would threaten serious bodily harm to a reporter. A reporter with a camera technician within feet.
Scotto tweeted on Tuesday morning that Grimm had called him to apologize.
@repmichaelgrimm called to apologize. He said he "overreacted." I accepted his apology.
[NY1 ]
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If you know of our credos, you know how we feel about the 'perfunctory" apology. Basically, the issuance of an apology after behavior exhibited by Grimm is as relevant as expecting Grimm to openly and fairly posit on issues related to President Obama. His words are shallow and we suspect prompted by party leaders and cohorts vs. sincere.

You know what is coming next. Do you think Scotto would have been in a position to tweet about the threat and apology, if Grimm had completely lost-it and actually thrown him over the balcony? Fortunately, Grimm was simply being a bully and not an impulse killer. We notice the threatened reporter appeared to be the perfect psychical specimen for bullying. Thus, we suspect Grimm would not have gone "bully" had the reporter possessed a physical make-up that would make Grimm think about the errs of his ways.

The "tough-guy" representative from Staten Island, left the scene after calling the reporter a "boy' and not a man.  Wow! 

How very professional and classy?


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