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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: SE CUPP (Bobblehead)

We contemplated not running this piece for purposes that can be described only as political correctness (PC ).  After a bit of thought and a point-counter-point, we decided to do the right thing.  Our fear was apposite to the nature and scope of Right-wing ignorance (lack of information accompanied by emotionalism) and the simple fact the most ridiculous and unsubstantial arguments emanate from GOP mouthpieces who happen to be women. Yes, of course, we have sterling examples like Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Herman Cain, Allan West and Sarah Palin, but few right leaning mouthpieces rival the talking-heads at Fox News (Elisabeth Hasslbeck, Megyn Kelly, And Angela Tantaros) or the 'queen" of Bobbleheadery: SE Cupp , CNN Crossfire. 

Fox News is bodacious in its employment of women who add ratings flair to certain programming.  In fact, Gretchen Carlson recently commented on a Brian Kilmeade radio show that Fox women were never allowed to wear pants on the set.  UUUUM, wonder why?

When other networks adopt the Fox News model, or even tweak their news delivery with thought of pilfering Fox viewers they resort to similar hiring practices. We doubt CNN will ever clone Fox New's affinity for on-air leggy blondes (or legginess period), but the network has staffed at least one show with a focus on appealing to the more prurient of viewers.  

If you think, we are off on a sexist goose chase, recognize that MSNBC doesn't deploy the images and model you are about to see. 
Also watch for camera angles on news shows where women are placed on chairs and on couches. Watch, how the camera pans around the leg shots; in some cases as much as pointing towards show hosts and guests. (Exhibit: 16 shots in 4 minutes)
After validation of what might be the major attraction of SE Cupp, we offer a CNN late week segment that validates the CNN Crossfire host appears to fill a conservative seat, but is existentially a dull knife in the Crossfire drawer.

Suggested it might not be a good idea to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf, claiming it would be costly, ineffective, and may even cause more harm to the region.

There was a time when news and current event discussions were enlightening and informative. In 1996 the new broadcast network Fox News introduced a broadcast model that has contributed the diminution of quality news and the employment of entertainment personalities who add attraction beyond news readers. The Fox News insertion of legginess into news coverage greatly contributed  to what you are about to see and hear. It also contributes to LIVs (low information voters) who vote base don emotion vs. application of common sense.  The legginess provides certain thrills for some, but adds nothing to feeding cognitive processes of its viewers. Sex in news provides fertile ground for Right-wing propaganda and media manipulation. 

SE CUPP: Out of here league regarding intellect discussion of income disparity, wages and labor. Unfortunately, her Crossfire role placed her in an arena with a formidable intellectual with US Cabinet level experience topped-off with requite skills and competency for employment as a professor at the University of California-Berkeley.

Transcript and analysis of SE Cupp "Bobbleheadism" via the Daily Kos: Linked.


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