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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Unconscionable Chris Christe!

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christe has been giving the impression that he does not get angry at someone he disagrees with he just immediately gets even.  Perhaps at times this is what happens to facilitate politics, but bully one of your own state's mayors who represents his fellow New Jersey residents is unconscionable. The money in question in Hoboken is FEDERAL disaster relief money. It is not Governor Christe's budgeted money to do with as he sees fit. Hoboken and its residence were legitimately in need of Hurricane Sandy storm money because of the extensive flooding journalists covered during Sandy. Large sections of the city of Hoboken were flooded so flood mitigation programs such as engineering studies, sea walls, improved storm drain systems, dikes and other types of flood management programs were necessary for the safety of Hoboken residents. 

Governors and politicians understand that public safety questions need responses that are non-partisan and free from local political squabbles such as land owners wanting special tax incentives for economic development. To deny Hoboken's mayor the money she needed, and needs, for the safety of her residents/constituents is UNCONSCIONABLE. The mayor of Hoboken Dawn Zimmer needs to speak at length with the U.S. attorney and prepare for a federal court case. Chris Christe is in political trouble and soon he could be in legal trouble as well. Racketeering and using public offices to favor one Hoboken property owner with incestuously close ties to owner's law firm, while denying other land owners in Hoboken similar public access to those public offices is illegal. 

What would happen if these emergency water projects were not completed BEFORE the next big storm? People in Hoboken could be injured or perish in a storm surge flood due to political squabbles that are petty and recklessly irresponsible thus endangering the public's safety. I think Governor Chris Christe is in much more serious legal trouble than many people think. He and the Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno, may soon have to resign and prepare their criminal defenses after their indictments. 

I think the Mayor of Hoboken is on the level. She was intimidated by the bully tactics of the Chrsite Administration. She hoped beyond hope that the "better angels" of the Christe Administration would see to the greater needs of Hoboken residents via allocating Hurricane Sandy funds. The only mistake Dawn Zimmer made was that she wanted to see the better part of human nature.  Instead, she alleges what amounts to petty illegal bullying that can not be tolerated in public office. Chris Christe has acted like a mean bully and pretty soon will end-up in court. I personally hope his legal entanglements lead to bullying by a federal judge.

While MSNBC is catching hell from Christe Administration spokespeople for covering the developing stories, we offer an update.

John "The Hatter" S 

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