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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Video Quick Hits: Christe and Limbaugh

 We did not have a good day !

Before we get to our salient points, we offer Both John Boehner and Mitch McConnell must have consulted the GOP Playbook on the unemployed. They both mentioned the "J" (jobs) word yesterday.

Now for the quick hits.

According to AL Sharpton's Politics Nation (and each evening MSNBC News show host) yesterday was simply not a good day for conservative America. Chris Christe's flatulence is showing via a "WaterGate" like "BridgeGate" scandal that has parked well within the purview of his "picnic basket." 

Rush Limbaugh took-on our recent dip to severe cold (Polar Vortex) with typical insane rhetoric developed for low information voters (people).  How can people actually listen to Limbaugh as he refutes a weather phenomenon that drove temperatures well into below average less across 85% of the nation?  Well, the demagogue on Clear Channel's EIB Network has steeped on the toes of a well established and competent weather broadcaster.  Al Roker took Limbaugh to task and he did so very effectively. Roker capped his exposition with a "Stuff It" for Mr. Limbaugh.

First, a 12 minute broadcast about Christe's scandal. The twelve minute segment is spot-on and worth every second.

Even the normal restrained Al Roker could no longer sit idly by while Limbaugh mocked reality. It is actually tragic more public figures do not take the Right-wing mouthpiece to task.

America's conservatives are seriously losing it!

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