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Thursday, January 16, 2014

White Supremacists Dollars To Woo Minorities!

How is it possible to claim American Right and exist with any level of dignity?  Even, if you abhor the racist and bigoted acts we are seeing on a daily basis, you have to accept your vote right along with these people.  

As we frequently stated, "isms" travel in bunches. You will not find a racist or a deeply scared bigot who doesn't also have an inner core that embrace sexism and homophobia.  If read and pay attention, you may actually find yourself reading a prologue to what is to come, if yo live in a social demographic that is other than white male.

Group funded by white supremacists woos minorities in MLK Jr. anti-immigration ad (via Raw Story )
A California anti-immigrant group with ties to the white nationalist movement has released a new ad invoking Martin Luther King Jr. in an attempt to appeal to minorities. The 30-second ad, paid for by Californians for Population Stabilization, began…

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