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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A President Promises To Do "What He Can" To Help The Middle Class.

A president promises to help the middle class and the poor despite formidable obstruction from the Republican Party, its money backers and its media.

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In this week's address, President Obama says he will do everything he can to make a difference for the middle class and those working to get into the middle class, so that we can expand opportunity for all and build an economy that works for the American people.

It is a sad state that such an energetic and forwarding thinking president has to succumb to GOP and conservative America. The following statement from above is as telling as it gets.
"President Obama says he will do everything he can to make a difference for the middle class and those working to get into the middle class..."
When we allow the Koch brothers to hijack our federal government in 2010, we effectively laid Obama's agenda to waste. Since, the GOP majority infested the House of Oz, we have consistently steadfastly stepped backward into times we should at all cost want to remain in our past. 
Times of out-of-control spending (Reagan and Bush W.), times of unnecessary wars (Reagan and Bush W.), times of regressive social retrenchment (Reagan) and times of phenomenal rise in income disparity (Reaganomics); yet people still elect politicians who claim the GOP. 
There is no example more striking then the current approval ratings of the US Congress (from 11th,112th to the 113th): Nine per cent. While the Right has effectively leveraged and mobilized social deficiencies (intolerance bias and racism and false fiscal consciousness) in the minds of millions, we have skirted national catastrophe. 

The president is saying, "I am hindered in my hope and desire for the nation, and I will do what I can in my remaining time in the Oval Office."

Need we remind of where the GOP has taken us and what we have to ahead should we return our federal legislature over to the GOP in 2014?

The GOP members of Congress were against the
Stimulus Bill. Our economy avoided a second Great Depression as a result of the Stimulus!

GOP support for the 2009 Stimulus and a look at how the GOP supports efforts to "kill recessions" when Democrats are in the Oval Office.

Forty-seven percent of voters in 2012 voted to return the nation to Romney/Paul. We should be more specific. Sixty percent of eligible voters voted in the 2012 General elections; 47 % of those voters cast ballots for the GOP. The only economic strategy espoused by the failed ticket was enhanced economic austerity and cutting taxes. They cling to failed strategies that contributed greatly to Bush W. economic failures. 

Pay Equity and Fair Pay for Women

Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine also declined to back the expansion of enforcing equal pay for women, even though she’d been supportive of a similar bill in the past. Noted the liberal blog ThinkProgress :
"Not a single Republican supported the bill, including Sens. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Susan Collins (R-ME), who had previously voted in favor of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which removed barriers blocking workers from seeking compensation from discriminatory pay practices. At the time, Snowe said, “This new law[] sends a clear message to the American people that this Congress is committed to these core principles and will continue to work in bipartisan fashion to break down the barriers of wage discrimination in our nation.”
Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE), who also voted for the Lilly Ledbetter Act, was the lone Democrat voting against the bill today. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) was not present for the vote. 
The bill would have worked to ensure equal pay for women, giving them more remedies in the court system for wage discrimination. 
The summary of the bill states that it “amends the portion of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA) known as the Equal Pay Act to revise remedies for, enforcement of, and exceptions to prohibitions against sex discrimination in the payment of wages.”

The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (AKA, ACA, Obamacare and Obama Cares)

Washington Post (March 2010)
"The House voted 219 to 212 to approve the measure, with every Republican voting no." 
It should be noted the House has enacted 46 frivolous votes to repeal the ACA at a cost of $1.6 million per vote. The math indicates: $73.6 million dollars wasted via the "Fiscally conscious" House GOP. We suggest these silly, yet costly, protest votes were, and are, votes to placate the desires of and pressure from their uber wealthy money-brokers who have innate disdain for people in need of medical coverage. In other words, "....don't blame us, we are doing your bidding, now keep the money coming." 

Unemployment Insurance Payments in the face of GOP Obstruction

For the third the GOP has filibustered the long-term unemployed into much more dire states of economic strife. They simply do not care about people, who have worked and for reasons beyond their control remain unemployed. Elizabeth Warren (D) MA, spoke eloquently about Draconian GOP policies towards the unemployed.

It is shame others in the Democratic Party (elected officials and former cabinet members are not speaking so eloquently and with such conviction.) 

We have picked and reported on a few very notable examples of unadulterated GOP obstruction against a president and against a healing nation. Let's visit a less reported area of GOP obstruction. An area that illustrates how President Obama is a victim of obstruction unparalleled in US history.

"President Obama says he will do everything he can to make a difference for the middle class and those working to get into the middle class..."
Believe it or not we actually are hearing an seeing reports of the GOP taking over the US Senate in the mid-term November elections.  Is America really going to follow that path? 

We have been down the path before and have just comeback not long ago.

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