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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Anonymous Vs. WalMart

In January of this year,  the website Ruthless Politics published a piece regarding the Hactivist Group Anonymous intent to target WalMart. The underlying reason for the targeting? According to Anonymous WalMart's business practices: wage practices, issues with women in management position and other social issues.

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Ruthless Politics......

The hacker group Anonymous has decided to take on Walmart.  After being contacted personally by a representative of Anonymous I was given a first look at a new official declaration to Walmart that has not yet made the mainstream of the public.  If past actions by Anonymous are a hint towards what awaits Walmart, the corporate giant has a fight on their hands.

Anonymous #OpWalmart

Published on Jan 10, 2014
Join us at on channel #opwalmart
Video Transcript at
Facebook Group at
Black Friday Protest Locations at:
Op Posters for Your Home Town at:
Direct Walmart Employees you know here:

the plan for this op is that it kicks off with in person protests on black Friday 2014. (coordinated with some online/virtual protests, if you want to discuss that go on IRC) That day will be followed by a year of researching the Walmart corporations lobbying for a low minimum wage and d0xing of Walmart executives. Then, on black Friday 2015 we do more protests. If anyone has any other ideas I'm open to suggestions, and please, try to get more people involved!!!
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Ruthless Politics....
Anonymous announces first stage of action against Walmart 
The hacker collective known as Anonymous declared open hostilities and promises of action against Walmart’s corporate policies on Jan. 10, 2014.  Two weeks later details have emerged within the activist group of the first stage of that action. Public strategy sessions will be held via Internet Relay Chat (mIRC) beginning on Feb 1, with meetings following every two weeks, from 7 – 9 p.m EST to set forth a non-violent act of protest to combat Walmart’s open and egregious wage theft which has been left unchecked. 
The following information was found in the description of the video

irc chan for meetings: #opwalmart

#OpWalmart Call to Living Wage Activists

Published on Jan 24, 2014
Anonymous is issuing a call to all activists in favor of a fair and\
 living wage, join us!
irc setup help:
irc web client:
irc chan for meetings: #opwalmart
facebook group:
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Ruthless Politics......

Anonymous Vs. Walmart: Top executive’s private information leaked 


Anonymous is beating their war drum against Walmart.  In previous weeks Anonymous has released a set of videos describing their grievances with Walmart, and their intentions to impact Walmart’s business.  After a successful IRC public strategy session which drew many participants, the hacker collective moved into the second phase of their assault against Walmart; doxxing.  Specifically, doxxing the former CEO of Walmart and Chairman of Walmart.  
Doxxing is the vernacular term which describes when a trove of personal information about a private citizen is collected from readily available sources and is published in its entirety in a visible way.
First to receive the treatment was the former CEO of Walmart (2009 – 2013), Michael Terry Duke.  Why did Anonymous choose to target Mr. Duke after his departure? They don’t forget, after all.  All known telephone numbers and addresses were listed.  Along with that information his financial standing, political donations (mostly Republican) and criminal record was also disclosed.  The following information was copied in its entirety from the original source found here.

  • -;- UGNazi -;- Nanonamas -;- RustleLeague -;- AlQaedaSec -;- BlackHijabs -;- OpWalmart -;- OpHolocaust -;-
  • D0X CEO of WalMart
  • Name:Michael Terry Duke
  • Age:62 (DOB 12/07/1949 Oakton, VA)
  • Address:16 Pinnacle Dr Rogers, AR 72758
  • Phone #s
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Rest assured we at the TPI will monitor the Anonymous activity against WalMart. 

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