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Friday, February 14, 2014

Aol's Elitist Corporatist! How Crass and Typical.

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Profile of an eltist industrialist who cares
nothing about people: Business Week

CBS News on AoL CEO Tim Armstrong's exhibition of Top 1% greed and callousness has resulted in yet another "perfunctory apology." As we have stated many times, the formal act of delivering an apology for actions that should have been much more thought-out, or contemplated if you prefer, has been lowered to the level of "no real meaning." There was a time in the history of mankind when the words may have actually denoted a state of mind that had been transformed via a "lesson learned, a heartfelt mistake, or recognition the person was wrong" and its impact on another person.

For point of reference, the Chris Christie tip of the iceberg "Bridgegate" Scandal is the perfect example. It appears there is much more to the governors cabal of corruption than simply punishing a mayor for non-support in the last election.  Yet, despite what seems to be an evolving exposition of a Circa 2013 corrupt state government, I have heard so many conservative pundits, surrogates and politicians, say, well, he apologized, and he was sincere, so lets move on."  Well, No! Christe's apology ranks right-up there with those of other leaders caught (not literally) with their pants around their ankles and that horrid look of "Ooops, I am caught" across their faces. 

The AoL CEO was callous beyond belief as he exercised what seems to be a personal animus towards the ACA (AKA Obamacare) and the needs of his employees (people). 

News segment: 2:17 minutes....

The TOP 1% (era) backtracks  (3:18 minutes)


After delaying contributions to an employee pension accounts.

CBS News
He (CEO Tim Armstrong ) blamed higher health care costs and then said: "We had two AoLers that had distressed babies that were born that we paid $1 million each to make sure those babies were OK in general." 

"People started asking my husband, 'Isn't that your baby that he's talking about?'" said Deanna Fei. 

Fei's husband works for AOL. Their daughter is a healthy 16-month-old now, but she was born four months premature and spent three months in a neonatal I intensive care unit. 
"The suggestion that her very existence could be called into question and blamed for corporate cost-cutting made me really furious," Fei said.
It appears Armstrong is a jerk who has issues with the Affordable Care Act. He is a class one dipshit who may exemplify the typical Top 1% CEO. Money Watch reports last year he summarily fired an employee in the midst of a conference call.

Money Watch
Nor is this the first time that Armstrong has (to be charitable) misjudged the mood of a room. Last November, he abruptly fired an employee in the middle of a company meeting. The pair of errors can't help but convey the impression that Armstrong regards his workforce as a nuisance and a cost. This is unproductive in a business that fundamentally depends on people for ideas, insight and energy.

".....regards his workforce as a nuisance and a cost," 

The AoL CEO is typical of mindset and behavior of most a US CEO's.  America's upper crust seem to forget they live off the fruits of people who earn far less money. They relegates us to minions as depicted in the move  The Hunger Game (tm) and they enjoy the entertainment from our (80% er) strife as they rake in millions upon millions. 

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