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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bill Moyers and Company: "Andrew Bacevich on Washington’s Tacit Consensus"

A clear must read for those who relish information and perspective.

Not a short read, but how many short reads do you actually get on the TPI?  One hundred-forty characters is cool, but we live in a world that makes more information requisite to life and proliferation of a sane great society. You surely, see what happens when people succumb to burst of information. They potentially fall into the web of those who manipulate and propagandize.

 "Neoliberal consensus" 

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Andrew Bacevich on Washington’s Tacit Consensus (via Moyers & Company)
Reactions to Anatomy of a Deep State Credit: Dale Robbins What words best describe present-day Washington politics? The commonplace answer, endlessly repeated by politicians themselves and media observers alike, is this: dysfunction, gridlock, partisanship…

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