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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Blacks need ‘attitude’ lessons" And GOP Congressmen Entertains Hatred

Gun lobbyist Larry Pratt: U.S. blacks need ‘attitude’ lessons from ‘happy’ Africans (via Raw Story )
Conservative gun lobbyist Larry Pratt recommended during a recent radio broadcast that U.S. blacks could get a better “attitude” if they paid attention to “Africans from Africa” who he said were more “happy.” On the Gun Owner’s News Hour…


Now, take a few minutes for a poignant example of Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) you cannot convince me isn't in the same realm as the trash who uttered the Raw Story comments. The video is just over ten minutes, but you must give it a full non-skipped viewing.

After the reading and hopefully the viewing of Al Sharpton's segment, we must ask, "Are you comfortable with the company you keep, if you vote alongside these people?"  If you are OK with that affiliation, no problem it is a free country, but know we will be waiting for you with a "We told you so," when these same people find cause to hate you.

One last point, that I would be seriously remiss in not stating. What you read and saw (heard) is the underlying reason African-Americans support the Democratic Party at the level of 94 per cent. It shouldn't surprise anyone Latinos know they are recipients of the very same hatred. Alas, child bearing aged women and unmarried women in the are millions also victims. Do I need to go to the LGBT community.  How about the poor?
Ultimately, you read and saw why America is far from an "exceptional" nation.

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