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Monday, February 3, 2014

Civil Disobedience? ..With Communication

Source for the quote: Andersonfriend of the TPI, OP-Eds.....

It's unlikely that you will ever find a bigger Chris Hedges fan than me. I've been reading his brilliant observations since he was a foreign correspondent covering conflicts around the globe. I agree that we MUST engage in MASSIVE civil disobedience and sustain it until we obtain the tangoblr and desired results.

However; civil disobedience is not enough! There is no way to have actual negotiations without a corresponding mechanism for communication with the power structure. If there is no facility for saying 95% of our goals is sufficient to get the restoration of governance, we INEVITABLY end up with anarchy.

This was the secret behind the success of Martin Luther King's advocacy. There was never a change in the consciousness of America's ruling sector. They did not, and still do not care about the people or Justice. The demonstrations, marches, sit ins, etc did not bring about the achievements of that period. It was those things PLUS the threat of insurgency and insurrection by groups like the Black Panthers, SDS, and the cycle of riots. These were the stick to King's carrot. Neither could succeed without the other.

This is why I have suggested and support a strategy like that of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in their struggle against the British government. Without Sinn Fein the militancy of the "Provos" would have never succeeded. One of the first things I learned about creating a revolution was to study those struggles which have won in the past!

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