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Monday, February 3, 2014

Coca Cola and Cheerios Depict America!

Beauty attacked by racism and bigotry and touches of hyper-nationalism; all bad for a nation.

Published on Feb 2, 2014Meet Naomi and hear her sing "America the Beautiful" in Spanish, one of the many languages in Coca-Cola's 2014 Big Game ad. #AmericaIsBeautiful

Coca-Cola - It's Beautiful - Behind the Scenes

Published on Feb 2, 2014Meet the Americans behind Coca-Cola's 2014 Big Game ad and see why they think #AmericaIsBeautiful.

Published on Feb 2, 2014 Meet Leilani and hear her sing "America the Beautiful" in Tagalog, one of the many languages in Coca-Cola's 2014 Big Game ad. #AmericaIsBeautiful 

The beauty and diversity stops now: The Everlasting GOP Stoppers Dot Com

The site posted a few of the horrid remarks from people who simply hate the thought of a divers nation.
As could be expected, the racist right-wing outrage ERUPTED on social media. Here’s a screenshot of the comments on the official Coca-Cola Facebook page that immediately followed the airing of the commercial:
coke page outrage
A bit more from eonline Dot Com

Coke having a commercial with an American song in other languages
... not cool. Coke. GTFO with that.
Of course, not everyone shared that opinion. Twitter was also flooded with people expressing frustration over the tweets bashing the Coke commercial.
People complaining about the Cheerios and Coke commercial... I'm sorry did we go back in time to the 50s? Get over it.
Coast ......
That coke commercial made me realize that there are two types of people. 1) true Americans 2) white people who forgot they were Europeans

If you're complaining about the biracial Cheerios coulple & the muli-lingual Coke commercial, you can buy a one way ticket back to the 60's
Bry M......
An interracial couple eating Cheerios and non-English speakers drinking Coke. We're a Benghazi pizza commercial away from a Texas secession.

With all the noise on Twitter either applauding or criticizing the commercial, viewers might have missed this historic moment:
Per GLAAD: The Coke commercial is the first time that a gay family has been included in a Super Bowl ad. NOH8

As you know from the tweets received by playoff gaming winning Seattle Seahawk defensive back, Richard Sherman, America has many denizens who reach deep into bigotry and racism while foolishly disrespecting people who do not share their views. Moreover, they actually push their views out for public scrutiny when the better part of valor would be to seethe in private.

General Mills brand managers for Cheerios also moved the nation a step closer to advertisements that represent the America we all know and love.

The previous Cheerios commercial received thousand of vile race-based responses. We will link and embed version one of the Cheerios family commercial, here.

Version two of the Cheerios family....

Ranked one of the top ten from last night's Super Bowl.

Rancor certainly ensues (from some) when corporations "do-the-right-thing." The Cheerios commercial of last year generated such a buzz form bigot sand racist, the Vice President of the brand team specifically wrote she would not "take-down" the advertisement.

Why do you think this 30 second commercial passed into obscurity without  a major revolt from bigots and racist? If you can get passed the way the strollered kid looks at the mime, and it is funny, why do you think this commercial went without any bigoted or racist fanfare?  Did you notice the reason the two exhibits went without threat of revolution? Shameful isn't it? Our use of the two commercials in no way was an intent to denigrate their also noble effort to depict a changing society. Our interest, if you failed to "get it" was solely to point the finger at bigots and racist via their overt challenges and resistance to a changing public.

We can only imagine the flak from many Americans as Pepsi Corp. broke ice in the 1940s with this imaged advertisement. The advertisement depicts a 'happy' African-American family. No, do not fall for imagery that could lend to denote interracial pioneering from Pepsi back in the 1940s. The intent of the ad was to piece a never before opened market for a consumer product: black consumers. 

Social change in America comes about very slowly, but it comes. Diversity is best moved forward when ideology of people are challenged by corporations that refuse to hide from, avoid or ignore real depictions of a changing society. 

"An interracial couple eating Cheerios and non-English speakers drinking Coke. We're a Benghazi pizza commercial away from a Texas secession.

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