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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

GOP Dirty Tricks! Remember Richard Nixon? The GOP Is At It Again!

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Are you old enough to know of the Richard Nixon C.R.E.E.P (Committee To Re-Elect The President) Team?  If you are not old enough, do not wish to admit your are old enough, have never studied the Nixon resignation from the presidency in 1972, have never watched the movie "All the President's Men," or simply have lived life without realizing the more seedy sides of US Politics, you should pay close attention to The Raw Story article below.

Key C.R.E.E.P Team Members
Donald Segretti.

Donald Segretti.[Source: 
Spartacus Educational
Frederick LaRue.
Frederick LaRue[Source: Spartacus Educational]
E. Howard Hunt.E. Howard Hunt. [Source: American Patriot Friends Network]

Jack Caulfield’s White House ID card.
Jack Caulfield’s White House ID card. [Source:]
James W. McCord, Jr.James W. McCord, Jr.[Source: Spartacus Educational]G. Gordon LiddyG. Gordon Liddy[Source:]
John Mitchell.John Mitchell. [Source: Southern Methodist University]Alfred Baldwin.Alfred Baldwin.[Source: Spartacus Educational]

John Ehrlichman in 1969.png
John Ehrlichman as Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs, 

These men and the Nixon White House worked to steal an election. Sound familiar?

I have posted a link to a History Commons piece about the Nixon CREEP Team. The full timeline is intriguing, but post 1970 events are specific areas of interest. Note the characters and their respective "dirty" deeds.  Of particular interest are Donald Segretti and G. Gordon Liddy!

The Nixon Administration and Watergate

Nixon Campaign 'Dirty Tricks'

As we watch Chris Christe's "Bridegate" Scandal move through the legal system,  reflection back to Nixon and his teams escapades is as natural as breathing; for those who lived through the Nixon Era.

GOP dirty tricks are as prevalent as Newt Gingrich when the nation approaches general elections. We illustrate our point via use of Gingrich not based on suspicions of involvement in dirty tricks; we use the ever-present conservative/opportunist based on his "Groundhog" Day like appearances. Just enough to generate speaking fees and hawk a book; akin to the Sarah Palin business model.

A more modern version of dirty tricks appear to center around the Karl Rove politicking model. While we cannot and will not point fingers at Rove, we seem to "smell a rat."  The Raw Story and other sources have published about what appear as dirty tricks, and guess what state is hosting the tip of the iceberg. The story is immersed in the Great State of Florida and the story seems as real as canal systems in south-eastern portions of the state. 

Apparently, voter suppression against minorities, college students,  the poor and certain elderly demographic groups are not enough to insure GOP victories. The party is incessantly reaching for an election edge that encroahes on open and fair elections. We understand how political preference and social beliefs manifest in supporting a political party, or candidate of choice, but we must again ask,  "Who elects these people?"

A Florida man complained about being targeted for Republican fundraising emails after mistakenly donating money against a Democratic congressional candidate thanks to a website he says is misleading. The Tampa Bay Times reported on Monday that Ray Bellamy…

UPDATE: Mediaite....
GOP Group Refunds Contribution After Setting Up Fake Democratic Websites

There is one issue surrounding the fake website. The GOP relented, admitted 'dirty tricks' and settleld-up. Sadly, we are deprived of another intricate and foolish GOP effort at cover-up.

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