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Sunday, February 23, 2014

John Liming: Introduces A Very Relevant Daily Kos Piece On Benghazi (Hint: Darrell Issa)

The Benghazi Tragedy does seem to be an obsession of some on the American Far Right and they don’t seem any closer to letting go of it than when it all began and I think they are dusting it off now in the event that Hillary Clinton should decide to run for the Presidency.  A resurrection of the “Benghazi” scandal would make top-notch propaganda for an ever-more-desperate American Right and I have no doubt they would pump it for all it’s worth!
There is, currently, a lot of talk on the Conservative Side about how a “Stand Down” order was issued to the Military during the Benghazi Tragedy and that alleged “Stand Down” order is being touted in connection with something the State Department and/or The Department of Defense did or failed to do – - and it really doesn’t seem to matter at all to some of the right wing conspiracy nuts that this “Stand Down” garbage has since been completely, totally and forever debunked – - except, perhaps, in the eyes of the . . . conspiracy hacks who seem to me to want to keep it going . . . for their own political purposes . . . whatever those may be.  Snark! – - – ( READ MORE ).

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