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Monday, February 3, 2014

Keystone Pipeline, 25,000 jobs? Try 50 Permanent Jobs

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Keystone pipeline expected to create 25,000 temporary jobs!

2/3/2014 – - -
  Needless to say that most of those jobs will no doubt be temporary . . . (will last only until the pipeline work is completed)
Next question:  ”Once the work on the pipeline is completed how many jobs will it be supporting then?  I think there is some information somewhere in the State Department that makes the claim the pipeline project will ultimately end up supporting on somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 permanent jobs total. – - –CLICK HERE
So you think that when the Keystone Pipeline is finished and up and running you are going to see dramatic reductions in prices of gas at the pumps?  I would caution, “Think again, my friend” because I think most of whatever oil finally gets refined from that tarry sludge going through that pipeline will end up getting sold overseas somewhere because the way I understand it the “product” does not meet standards for use inside the United States. (I know I read that somewhere but I can’t remember where just now.). – - – CLICK HERE. 
Now if I were an honest . . . hard-working . . . rancher or farm owner who has spent generations working on a spread that was built up by myself and my ancestors with our own two hands and not a bit of help from the “Gubmint” or anyone else . . . with the possible sole exception of a farm subsidy here and there along the way . . . and some “Gubmint” big wig got in my face and informed me that my spread had been chosen to host a couple of miles of this pipeline and that it was going to happen whether I like it or not . . . because if I objected the big wigs will pull “Eminent Domain” on me and take the land anyhow . . . I think I might be a little less than enthusiastically receptive of the encroachment.  How about you?  What would you think if you were put into a situation like that? – - – ( CLICK HERE ).
Then of course there is always the big question about what happens if any pipeline ever develops a leak and floods the surrounding watershed with all that toxic sludge? – - – ( CLICK HERE ). Of course we all know that nothing like that is ever going to happen, don’t we?
There is a great article on the website “In Saner Thought” that I feel addresses the question of this Keystone Pipeline in a clear, concise and highly readable . . . and sensible . . . manner and here is a link to that article on “In Saner Thought.”

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