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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Koch's Lost Their "Bippy" and Revealed A Secret Society

The Kochs and their administrative operatives have slipped-up and inadvertently left a revealing document at one of their secretive meeting places. We have often reported on secret Koch meetings, but we have yet to see a list of active donors to Koch cases (The Millionaire Donors Club) nor a list of where they meet.

One would think two of the world's most wealthy plutocrats would employ professionals totally competent in working as "Cleansers" after the Kochs and their wealth cabal leave their "wolf's lair" gatherings. Apparently, our confidence of "cleansing" competency is unfounded.  Mother Jones has published a document that includes Koch cabal donors and future meeting locations. I wonder if the Kochs and their henchmen were really so careless or is it a case that the vast web of Mother Jones information gathering rewards those who turns over such documents. Better yet, suppose the document was found by a meeting place service employee as part of a clean-up crew.  All intriguing thoughts. 

We have to frankly and openly state gleeful thoughts. We are overwhelmed with the thought of investigation into and publications about the "secret donors" and the prospect of future meeting for Mitt Romney like 47% surreptitious electronic monitoring. Of course, we know all meeting location plans will change now that the mis-laid document has been published.  But, the thoughts are intriguing.

Let's visit with Mother Jones......

There's one main rule at the conservative donor conclaves held twice a year by Charles and David Koch at luxury resorts: What happens there stays there.  
The billionaire industrialists and their political operatives strive to ensure the anonymity of the wealthy conservatives who fund their sprawling political operation—which funneled more than $400 million into the 2012 elections—and to keep their plans private. Attendees of these summits are warned that the seminars, where the Kochs and their allies hatch strategies for electing Republicans and advancing conservative initiatives on the state and national levels, are strictly confidential; they are cautioned to keep a close eye on their meeting notes and materials. But last week, following the Kochs' first donor gathering of 2014, one attendee left behind a sensitive document at the Renaissance Esmeralda resort outside of Palm Springs, California, where the Kochs and their comrades had spent three days focused on winning the 2014 midterm elections and more. The document lists VIP donors—including John Schnatter, the founder of the Papa John's pizza chain—who were scheduled for one-on-one meetings with representatives of the political, corporate, and philanthropic wings of Kochworld. The one-page document, provided to Mother Jones by a hotel guest who discovered it, offers a fascinating glimpse into the Kochs' political machine and shows how closely intertwined it is with Koch Industries, their $115 billion conglomerate. 

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