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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Larry Wilmore For The Daily Show: Unmucking The "Confederate Apologist" And More

American's who are denizens of far-Right social ideology are people who attempt to cling to "conferred privilege," while in some cases actually rationalizing a sad past!

A past that spans humanity with glowing examples sprinkled throughout the existence of the human being.  

Ronald Reagan's political posturing under an umbrella of what amounted to, It is OK to be bigoted" racism and bigotry has metastasized into what we see and experience today. And, we see it on a daily basis. Sadly, neither Reagan nor his political guru/operative Lee Atwater were avowed racist! Yet, their politics contributed to reversals of the short-lived Equal Rights revolution  in America. 

The 2008 and 2009 inauguration of an African-American (In a direct sense) president has moved racist dialog from the deep-Right closeted nuances to the level of consistent and expected by those who feed on its vile and deleterious impact on their psyches. They have been taught bias and hatred without exercising opportunity to modify or alleviate the sickness via available intervention. Interventions that simply require a basic thought of, let me question what my parents, my social environment and my schools have taught me about people who are different from me.

The following diagram illustrates my point and I will follow with a vile example of my point. The Fox News example, is admittedly fueled by quests for revenues via feeding those who relish the sad lessons (rhetoric, oratory and lies). Nonetheless, the Fox News segment is vile and indicative of the harm the network feeds the nation and the world. 

I copied the following diagram from the website linked via the Cycle of Socialization link below. The linked diagram is colorized version of the diagram found via the Diversity and Social Justice link. The link is provided for point of reference only; we are not about the business of advertising for book sales.
As you view the diagram we ask that you recognize, the human being who moves through the cycle has opportunity to intervene at "Direction For Change" or the "Do Nothing" Points (of the diagram). 

A quick look at the diagram and we offer exposure to a well educated "preacher for political leverage and profit." 

The Jon Stewart, Comedy Central - The Daily Show, show turned the camera and microphone over to Larry Wilmore for an exposition on the "neo-Confederate apologists." Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano, knows better.

The Fox News segment....
"Napolitano argued that the 16th president could have avoided the “murderous” Civil War if he’d allowed slavery to die a “natural death,” as it had elsewhere ..."
Seriously Napolitano? Just as slavery was becoming a capitalist opportunity in more and more territories as people looked to grow the nation?

‘Daily Show’ obliterates Fox News Confederate apologist: ‘I just un-f*cked your facts’ (via Raw Story )
Jon Stewart and The Daily Show’s “senior black correspondent,” Larry Wilmore, drove a stake through Confederate apologists’ arguments Monday night in an epic segment. Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano said during a Feb. 14 panel discussion…


I offer another example of how the American Right uses ignorance, bigotry and racism to nurture and promulgate their poli/social agenda? How about John Sunnunu traipsing around the country and the globe on the coat-tails of Mitt Romney speaking about President Obama as, "....not being of the Anglo experience...."  Now, think about how quickly the member of the British Parliament and the media published the private remarks as an exhibit of deeply embedded racism. 

Thought leads to behavior and action. Did Mitt Romney's campaign website exclude African-American outreach? Of course, it was a development decision to exclude the black portion of the "47%" of what Romney and Ryan called "takers."

And, what was Romney's and Paul Ryan's stated reasons as to why they lost the election? Ryan: "the urban vote." Romney, "Don't get the minority vote." Interesting considering their levels of inherent ignorance!

Wilmore mentioned the "unraveling" (he chose another word) of the "confederate apologist." It is also important to "unravel" all things converative because they mean us great harm.

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