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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Obamacare Will Not Lower US Wages

2006 look at Media Family Trees  (Click for larger pdf view)

US Media is skirting with credibility issues unparalleled in US History. Television media is culpable in working to "One-up" competition via attracting viewers for the ever-present monthly Nielsen and other ratings.  When print media joins the 'feast' via failing to verify information, people walk away improperly informed.

A misinformed public is as dangerous as Al Qaeda.  Case in point, has the Obama Administration via the PPACA (Patient Protection Affordable Cara Act) resulted in "death panels?" Has the "comprehensive" cost of healthcare gone up, as predicted by GOP politicians? In another arena, the GOP has been very successful at pawning itself off as the party of the fiscal conscious and the party of the moral majority.  The party is neither and a quick Google search will yield which party has contributed most to the US deficit and national debt. A search regarding morality will not led to hash-marks indicating the GOP is the party of the morally pristine. Information is powerful; mis-information is dangerous!

Powerful such that we have a Fox News with viewers in the millions and the network does not deliver news.  A dynamic that is bad enough; when we add CNN's and CBS News's move decidedly  Right via choice and delivery of stories the dynamic moves another notch towards blanket non-credible news. Basically, some networks are delivering propaganda, even if doing so verges on the inadvertent.  Another more recent example of the sickening state of US media is the WSJ editor who declared (Media Matters) a drunken-ed woman is open season for rapist.

The Washington Post has, for some reason, stepped into that void of mis-information related to the ACA.

Washington Post Columnist Forwards Latest Obamacare Lie

Washington Post columnist and former Republican speechwriter Marc Thiessen erroneously claimed that a recent report shows the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will reduce wages and cause a "$70 billion pay cut" when in fact the report shows that the health care law will result in increased compensation. 
On February 4, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its annual 10-year projection of current policy's impact on the budget and economy. The report garnered so much attention following its release that CBO Director Doug Elmendorf was forced to issue a public response refuting misleading allegations that the ACA would erase up to 2.5 million jobs over the next decade. 
Having lost the battle to spin the ACA as a job killer, right-wing media have pivoted to a new erroneous claim: Americans will see a "$70 billion pay cut" thanks to the health reform law. 
On February 10, Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen published an op-ed claiming that "buried on page 117" of the CBO report was evidence of the ACA depressing American wages. Thiessen spun the report's mention of a "roughly 1 percent reduction in aggregate labor compensation over the 2017-2024 period" to mean that the health care law was taking money out of the pockets of working-class Americans. From The Washington Post:
Obamacare means a 1 percent pay cut for American workers.
How much does that come to? Since wages and salaries were about $6.85 trillion in 2012 and are expected to exceed $7 trillion in 2013 and 2014, a 1 percent reduction in compensation is going to cost American workers at least $70 billion a year in lost wages.
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