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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quick Hit: The Afterwash Of The CBO Report

We started the week with a major tsunami for television and print media. The Congressional Budget Office had "let the cat out the bag" on ObamaCare (PPACA- AKA ACA) and the ..."hope"... scratch that, with the report of labor force hours reduction to the tune of 2.3 million jobs.  For those who like quick hits, the story was debunked by Doug Elmendorf, director of the CBO, and laid squarely in the realm of family needs for medical coverage and the availability of the ACA will reduce the need for some parents (or heads of household) to work multiple jobs (for medical coverage).  Media with one exception (actually in reality two or three exceptions) jumped all over the story and in some cases with absolute glee.  

Others like CNN's Carol Costello worked to set the record straight.  I have been very critical of Costello during a couple of past  interviews with the likes of Wayne Newton, but for a non-MSNBC personality, she availed herself very well. Linked

Since we mentioned MSNBC, let's roll with a segment from Chris Hayes's All In.

Now, you have to know we at the TPI as consistent. we will remain diligent in pointing-out the differences between competent news reporting (along with related story development) and that of Fox News.  

Watch and listen to Stuart Varney, Fox News Live, and his guest.  It is important to remember, Varney was railing to his viewers about the time Doug Elmendorf was responding to Congressional hearing questions and comment about the CBO report.

It is sad when facts to not work to alleviat rherotirc. It is even more sad when media rushs to press, posting an dbroadcas without verificaiton of data and associated intent.  Are we so competittive we foresake accuracy and veraicty to beat the competition. Here is nothing better than being 'dead-on" correct while others mire themselves in raitings quicksand.  

We ask media if they are aware that, follwoig the path they are choosing means they will eventually drown in the quicksand with Fox News just below them?

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