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Monday, February 17, 2014

Quick Hit: Mika Speaks Frankly To Rand Paul And GOP Males

I have my issues with Mika Brzezinski,  The morning Joe Show.  My problems with the co-host relates to her demeanor and cowering to Joe Scarborough. 

The Morning Joe set is often set with conservative guest (e.g., Mark Halperin), blue-dog Progressives (e,g., Harold Ford), and at times with "Whatever you say, Joe" Willie Geist. Of course, the show has one quasi-progressive guest: Mike Barnicle. 

With Joe Scarborough off the set, Mika delivered on an issue that shows the core of the GOP.  Rand Paul, as disgusting as he is, leads his party in working to secure a "NON-run" from Hillary Clinton via attacking 20 plus year old indsicretions of her husband.

Mika and a question to the show's leading conservative.

I also hope Rand Paul continues to lead his party!

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