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Friday, February 14, 2014

Rand Paul Serial Plagiarizer! Cuccinelli and Freedom Works Join Paul?


Rand Paul address plagiarism for ABC News.  What a charaltan! Linked.

When will the US grow weary of Rand Paul as a serial plagiarizer? Prior to the 2010 mid-term election, the US Senate and House of Representative was free of congressional who showed pathological inclinations towards stealing the work of others.  It seems to me, such acts not only verge on a form of criminal behavior, it shows a major intellectual deficiency mixed with clear cases of zero ethics.

Win McNamee/Getty Images
Last week's filing of a class-action suit against the Obama Administration's NSA monitoring is a perfect example of Paul's spiral towards self-aggrandizing, his service as a libertarian tool, and his role as a Koch brothers backed functionary. Paul appeared very visibly in front of A Freedom Works banner. Freedom Works is the core organization responsible for Tea Party success in 2010.  A quick look at a set of graphics related to the Tea Party shows it has diminished among those who actually count and cast votes. Be aware of the Koch backed Freedom Works and Tea Party. Some are paying attention. 
As you read the following piece from The Raw Story, consider the graphics you have just gleaned through. Freedom Works has led to a lowered National credit rating, a Sequester, a federal government shutdown (at $29 big govt. billion), cuts to SNAP programs, reductions in retiree Veterans Benefits, denial of unemployment payments to former US workers, congressional refusal to develop and pass gun control legislation, and a historic disapproval rating, 700 hundred measures against women's rights, and not one viable jobs bill from the House or Senate.

Not only are Paul and Ken Cuccinelli far from credible regarding plagiarism, they stand with a Koch backed organization that has led to a serious diminution of our federal legislature.

The Raw Story

Rand Paul-affiliated lawyer now says NSA lawsuit not plagiarized (via Raw Story )
UPDATED BELOW Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) has been caught once again using other people’s written work without attribution, this time in a lawsuit against the NSA that he jointly filed with Virginia’s ex-Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli. According…

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