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Monday, February 10, 2014

Reince Priebus Joins Rand Paul in a "No-Win" Place

Re-Blog from The DailyBanter...

...And reality show politlics will not resuce an empty platform!

What you are about to read is the exact dynamic that takes place when a political party and movement have no substance, no viable platform issues, and no common sense.  

Rand Pual and his wife have embarked on a path that has ensnared many in the GOP.  The Charman of the RNC, Priebus, has joined the "ooze. A few weeks back while watching Chris Matthews, MSNBC Hardball, the former Chair of the RNC told Chris and co-guest Joy-Ann Reid that Paul's message resonates. RESONATES?  Maybe, among low informaion and sycophant followers, but the great popualtion may have left Bill Clinton's indiscretions far in the past.

Before I turn this screed over the crafty piece from Bob Cesca, allow one or two more quick points.  Clinton's indiscretions are duly noted, archived in US History and not relevant to issues related to Hillary Clinton.   Do the Paul's, Priebus and others fail to see that part of the love of Hillary Clinton is her handling of the indiscretion of a husband we were warned about well before he took office?  She handle her relationship as true matriarch of a family, and made the decision to work within the confines of her family to move forward.  She literally said on a sofa sitting next to Bill, "...I love the guy."  She said so while most of us seethed with anger. An admirable act of love and family devotion from an admirable person. How will women feel about GOP 'men" dragging that chapter in US History out of a Karl Rovian-like bag of dirty tricks?

Has either Paul or Priebus thought about the failings of Monica Lewinsky? Ms. Lewinsky, also knew of Bill Clinton's "hot spots" (excuse the pun) and may have leveraged a weakness for exercise of her self-serving "concubinism."  Thus, she may have been as flawed a personality and psyche as was Bill Clinton at the time. All said, the strategy against  the Clintons touches into an area that may induce more praise, respect and admiration for Hillary Clinton. 

One last point. Do you think for one second if the US economy was in the tank, Paul and his wife would get any place with the strategy? How about people realizing that the GOP (via Paul and Priebus) are embarking on a reality show issue while we have 1.7 million people suffering through no income as Paul's filibustered (via the GOP) Senate voted against a three month extension?  Should I mention less 'noise" about the ACA as people are singing up?  Do you think for one second .......?

Alas, the Clintons and Democrats will not allow low-hanging GOP strategy to pull them on to the Jerry Springer Show!  US politics deserves better; we have too much to lose.

As promised, Bob Cesca.....

RNC Chairman Confirms Party Will Hang Itself With Lewinsky Scandal. Again.

The Republican party is determined to hang themselves with this nonsense.
Over the past several weeks Senator Rand Paul and Morning Joke host Joe Scarborough have floated the idea that the party should attack Hillary for the actions of her husband former President Bill Clinton. Up until today that was simply a case of Rand Paul being Rand Paul and Morning Joe being the hack that he is but, during an interview with MSNBC, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said that everything old is new again.
“I think everything’s on the table,” Priebus told Andrea Mitchell.
“I don’t see how someone just gets a free pass on anything. I mean, especially in today’s politics. So, I think we’re going to have a truckload of opposition research on Hillary Clinton and somethings may be old and somethings might be new. But I think everything is at stake when you’re talking about the leader of the free world and who we’re going to give the keys to run the United States of America.”
I don’t know who’s been advising the party that this is a good idea, but as a Democrat I think that person deserves a raise.

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