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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rubio Celebrates the Stimulus; Without The Aid of Bottled Water

Marco Rubio celebrates the Stimulus five years later.

We realize Rubio fathoms himself a viable candidate for the Oval Office in 2016. He joins other GOP Leaders in disparaging the historic American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009), with shallow 2014 rhetoric. Moreover, the Senator from Florida selective avoids consideration of the real and central focus of the US Stimulus. 

Earlier today we published this piece about the success of the Stimulus in accomplishing its first mission: intervention and reversal of an economy spiraling to the abyss of a (Second) Great Depression. A spiral with a irrefutable impetus in failed Bush Administration economic policy and fiscal malfeasance (two wars and tax cuts). Watch and listen as Rubio propagandizes to potential primary voters. Notice the wanton Senator attempts to carve-out and discard the Stimulus first mission

As you watch the video about the safety of firing-off video salvos, without probing about how GOP obstruction has without doubt contributed to his mantra use of unemployment, fewer jobs created and  and an existential unemployment down from a high of 10 per cent. Rubios voting record will yield consistent votes against extension of unemployment insurance payments to the very people he uses as a prop.

Huffington Post

“If you recall five years ago, the notion was that if the government spent all this money -- that, by the way, was borrowed-- that somehow the economy would begin to grow and create jobs. Well, of course, it clearly failed,” Rubio said. “Five years later, underemployment is still too high, the number of people that have dropped out of the workforce is astounding, unemployment remains stubbornly high and our economy isn’t growing fast enough -- proof that massive government spending, particularly debt spending, is not the solution to our economic growth problems.”
Rubio said "a vibrant free enterprise economy" would have been a better solution than the stimulus.
Is that Rubio's solution. Why not take another three minutes to explain how he would have achieved his "Vibrant free enterprise economy." Rubios knows his vibrant free enterprise economy under Bush provided a path to the Great Recession. He also knows people who will value rhetoric and oratory will grow excited with use of GOP buzz words like, free enterprise. 

The nation experienced a vibrant free enterprise economy during the early years of Bush/Cheney. He longs for an economy free of market regulation that might have warded-off the sub-prime bubble. 

Actually, Rubio longs for an opportunity secure the GOP nomination in 2015, and he deploys inane rhetoric as a means to that end.

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