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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Corporation As An Entity For Civil Rights!

Image via Epicurus Institute Dot Org

The dangers of easing ever closer to a corporate state. We already have the Kochs and their conservative corporatist working to purchase elections. What happens when we pave the path for these uber wealthy plutocrats.

The answer?  Money our of politics. 

As long as we allow money to drive our politics and fuel our politicians, the corporation will benefit from expanding rights parallel tot he human citizen.  Problem? 

The majority of corporations are run by conservatives. Now, what does that tell the citizenry. It wasn't a liberal SCOTUS that gave corporations an artificial form of "Free Speech" (as the Court calls it).

The Creeping Expansion of Corporate Civil Rights (via Moyers & Company)
Last week, Wire creator David Simon told Bill Moyers that the legal doctrine that spending money on political campaigns is an act of political speech protected by the First Amendment poses the greatest threat to American democracy. “That to me was…

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