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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Hannity and Guest: "Overfed’ blacks use food stamps as a ‘fat pill’

‘Overfed’ blacks use food stamps as a ‘fat pill’

Gavin McInnes
What you are about to see is the Fox News and conservative politicians followers of Fox News video segment comparable to the famous FDR "Let Me Warn You," campaign speech that included comment about Republicanism. For Fox News, the clip is equal to, and held in as high regard, as the famous JFK Berlin Speech. I can actually envision Fox News management forcing staff to view the video once per month. When propaganda is your business, propaganda is critical to the purveyors of the business model message.

The Fox New Video Anthem

Fox News has made the young surfer free-loader as famous as Leonardo Di Caprio. It is truly pathetic for a network staffed with multi-millionaire on-air personalities and dedicated propagandist as staff, expend so much air-time and social inertia of misrepresentation a program that feeds so many Americans.

The latest propagandist to use the video is Sean Hannity.  

The Raw Story published the following piece with guest, Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes. 
Fox News guest tells Hannity: ‘Overfed’ blacks use food stamps as a ‘fat pill’ (via Raw Story )
Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes on Tuesday told Fox News host Sean Hannity not to demonize white people because it was the black Dominicans in New York who were abusing food stamps as a “fat pill.” During a panel discussion, Hannity asked his guests…

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The welfare freeloader is reported to live with elderly relatives and we located by  Fox News via a friend.  He agreed to three days of taping (the sushi/lobster segment ) with hopes of publicity for his band. He claims to work over 40 hours per week advancing his band, but is simply unpaid as hie builds his career. 

McInnes as a non-native American has views that fit the Fox News propaganda business model like a $2,000 pair of winter gloves.  He is a self-proclaimed "white-advantagist" (Stopping strategically shy of espousing white supremacy), but a clear proponent of the white race as privileged above other races.

As you read the The Raw Story piece do you recognize our use of the words "white-advantagist?"  Hannity and McInness skirted the precipice of overt "white-privilege" while full leveraging a form of Rick Santorum "Blah People."

The quality of Fox News guests! 

When Hannity invites people like McInnes to his show he knows the guest will feed his ravaging consumers of bigotry and racism with a slant towards Obama Derangement Syndrome. McInnes fed them very well. I could hear and smell the burps and belches of satiated conservatives who thrive off mis-perceptions about those who literally exist of SNAP program benefits. Keep in mind "exist" is a powerful word that has only one contrary realm: failure to exist. Some call it "death" or desperation that will lead to human behavior that manifest when people are about to starve to death. 

A quick peep at Hannity's guest.

Gavin McInnes (Wiki)

Controversial statements

He was featured in a 2003 New York Times article about Vice magazine expressing his political views.[17] 
In an interview in the New York Press, McInnes said that he was pleased that most Williamsburg hipsters are white.[17] He has also been quoted as saying.
I love being white and I think it's something to be very proud of ... I don't want our culture diluted. We need to close the borders now and let everyone assimilate to a Western, white, English-speaking way of life.[18]
McInnes later claimed that the interview was done as a prank intended to ridicule "baby boomer media like The Times" in a letter to Gawker. [19] 
He became the focus of a letter-writing campaign by a black reader, and Vice apologized for McInnes's comments.[17] 
In October 2013, McInnes was interviewed by The Huffington Post as a panel about the meaning of masculinity, and said "people would be happier if women would stop pretending to be men," and that feminism "has made women less happy."[20] 
Women are feigning that toughness. We’ve trivialized childbirth and being domestic so much that women are forced to pretend to be men. They’re feigning this toughness, they’re miserable.[21] 
A heated argument followed when University of Miami law professor Mary Anne Franks responded, and McInnes in his reply loudly called her a "fucking idiot".

A few SNAP facts from Feeding America Dot Org.


SNAP is targeted at the most vulnerable. 

76% of SNAP households included a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person. These vulnerable households receive 83% of all SNAP benefits.[i]
SNAP eligibility is limited to households with gross income of no more than 130% of the federal poverty guideline, but the majority of households have income well below the maximum: 
83% of SNAP households have gross income at or below 100% of the poverty guideline ($19,530 for a family of 3 in 2013), and these households receive about 91% of all benefits. 
61% of SNAP households have gross income at or below 75% of the poverty guideline ($14,648 for a family of 3 in 2013).[ii]
The average SNAP household has a gross monthly income of $744; net monthly income of $338 after the standard deduction and, for certain households, deductions for child care, medical expenses, and shelter costs; and countable resources of $331, such as a bank account.[iii] 

Categorical eligibility has dramatically increased program participation. 

The dramatic increase in SNAP participation and costs is a result of the recession, not categorical eligibility. Our nation has seen the highest unemployment rates in nearly 30 years.

SNAP participation historically follows unemployment with a slight lag. SNAP participation grew during the recession, responding quickly and effectively to increased need. As the number of unemployed people increased by 94% from 2007 to 2011, SNAP responded with a 70% increase in participation over the same period. [xxvi] 
As the economy recovers and people go back to work, SNAP participation and program costs, too, can be expected to decline. Unemployment has begun to slowly fall, and SNAP participation growth has flattened out. The Congressional Budget Office projects SNAP participation to begin declining in 2015, with both unemployment and SNAP participation returning to near pre-recession levels by 2022.[xxvii]

A sidebar from the Feeding America link: The Obama Food Stamp experience was not caused by Obama. The current participation rates are due to the great (Bush/Cheney) Recession. And, rest assured Fox News managers, editors and on-air personalities know such.

Hannity and McInnes postulate and propagandize about a program that feeds millions across the American demographic spectrum. They use an "alleged" free-loader to attack a program that feeds children, the elderly and some military active duty families, as well as million of the unemployed, under-employed and temporary jobless. 

Hannity is a shill for the GOP and conservative America. He practices his brand of politicking while empirical evidence points to SNAP as a life-sustaining program that feeds Americans from every walk of life. He is a bringer of conservative rhetoric and propaganda, while SNAP participation rates show Red State residents are major benefactors.

The Daily Kos 

Map of US Counties with Rate of Participation in SNAP

In the map above, the shading of US counties from light to dark corresponds to the extent of participation in SNAP (number of beneficiaries per county ÷ total county population). In the areas with the lightest shading, less than 10% of the population is enrolled in SNAP. In the areas with the darkest shading, more than 30% of the population is enrolled. There's an extensive area across the South where participation rate are above average. An area of highest participation rates extend from West Virginia, through eastern Kentucky into northeastern Tennessee. Another area is visible  along the Mississippi River from Arkansas and west Tennessee to Louisiana and Mississippi.  Smaller areas are found in parts of Alabama and Georgia.  These are mostly rural areas where the population density is low and the population is declining in some places due to the lack of economic opportunity.
less than 10%10% to 16.99%17% to 29.99%30% or more

Map of US Counties with Number of Participants in SNAP

Contrast this map of US counties with the one above it.  Here the shading from light to dark corresponds to the actual number of SNAP beneficiaries in a county. The lightest shading indicates counties where there are less than 2,000 beneficiaries. The darkest shading indicates a county with 100,000 or more SNAP recipients.There are obvious visible differences between the areas shaded for numerous beneficiaries on this map and the areas shaded for high participation rates on the one above it. The West Coast is shaded for the large number of people in the area using SNAP, though it isn't shaded for its participation rate which remains relatively low.  It's important to realize that a low participation rate of 10% still translates to a huge number of people in crowded urban areas.  The same is true in the Northeast.Participation rates aren't meaningful by themselves without considering the size of the population base in an area. The rates are useful for understanding societal characteristics.  To understand the amount of funding needed to support SNAP in one area compared to another, the number of people who get benefits must be considered.
less than 2,0002,000 to 9,99910,000 to 99,999100,000 or more

Owsley County, Kentucky isn't known for anything special. It's in the eastern part of the state where there used to be a coal mining area. In the 2012 presidential election, 81% of the vote was for Romney. There are 3,144 counties in the US and only three have more of their population in food stamps than Owsley. 52% of the county benefits from SNAP compared to a nationwide average of 15%.
Further south on the map, where the Mississippi loops back and forth in a series of countless tight squiggles, Humphreys County is found 20 miles east of the river. After Owsley, it ranks next in the use of food stamps. 51% of the population there benefits from SNAP.  Like Owsley, Humphreys is in an area where poverty is a problem. Owsley, KY is 99% white while Humphreys, MS is 72% black.
Estrangement between the races shows up in the House representatives from districts where a lot of people use SNAP.  Throughout Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia where 62 of the 100 counties in the US with the highest participation in SNAP, white voters elect Republican representatives, while black voters elect Democrats.  The Democratic House members support the food stamps program.  The Republican members betray and undermine their constituents by opposing the program.
US Counties with the Highest Rate of Participation in SNAP
Shannon, SD59.6%
Todd, SD55.4%
Wade Hampton, AK54.2%
Owsley, KY52.2%
Humphreys, MS50.6%
Menominee, WI49.8%
Sioux, ND47.2%
Buffalo, SD46.4%
Wilcox, AL45.8%
Perry, AL45.6%
Sharkey, MS45.57%
East Carroll, LA45.32%
Starr, TX44.76%
Clay, KY43.67%
Dewey, SD43.50%
Bennett, SD43.02%
Holmes, MS42.81%
Rolette, ND42.74%
Wolfe, KY42.30%
Brooks, TX42.24%
Hannity and McInnes fed Fox News viewers the surfer freeloader and "overfed blacks," balanced with praise of the (white middle class) Williamsburg hipsters. The reality as follows: Owsley, KY.

By PBSpot Admin February 3, 2014

The Food Stamp Capital of the U.S. is WHITE and REPUBLICAN


In spite of the prevailing stereotypes and assumptions about who uses SNAP Food Stamp benefits the most in the United States, the highest usage is not in Compton, Queens, nor the South Side of Chicago. Instead, a city that is 99.22% white and 95% Republican comes in the lead. Owsley County, Kentucky is a community of about 5,000, residents earning the lowest median household income in the country outside of Puerto Rico, according to the U.S. Census.

The Daily Kos also posted a table regarding participation numbers and cities of highest SNAP use. You can view that table via the link above (The Daily Kos).

The real picture of SNAP and the fallacy of McInnes, Hannity and Fox News.

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