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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Koched!

Kochs On The Run: Faked Alaska Commercial Pulled
AFP Hired Actress,... perfect teeth plate and all!

On February 15th, we published a piece about the Koch brothers moving toward hiring actors to appear in state election anti-Obama (Obamacare) Ad spots.  Liberals Unite published a piece we re-blogged to the TPI with additional comment.

The problem with such campaigns, they are easily discernible as staffed with actors and they carry the same exact message. Money talks and when the wealthy want resutls and there are no credible position from which to build ads money flows to the screen actors (and the screen actos guild).

I digress. Aren't the Kochs vehemently anti-union. Surely, AFP is not hiring non-union acotrs! End digress.

When it comes to the uber wealthy working to buy elections, it doesn't take long for business to catchup with their web of plutocracy.

With four days of the TPI post, The Natioanl Memo ran a piece that shwos exactly why life will always induce stumbling when conglomerate industrialist immerse in politics. An ad spot from the mold of that identified by Liberals Unite was set to run in Alaska.  The Koch sponsored campaign and the GOP have  Senator Mark Begich  targeted as occupying a Senate seat that "they feel" is vulnerable and winnable in this year's mid-term elections.  All is far in US politics!  

One problem, the Koch's are closing a oil refinery in northern extremes of Alaska with associated job losses.


This ad was pulled as quick as a severe snowstorm rolling out of Russian Siberia.

The National Memo....

Americans for Prosperity — one of the largest recipients of donations from the Koch Family Foundation — has been hammering Democratic senators in swing states with millions of dollars in television ads. But last week the group suddenly pulled $100,000 in ads slated to run in Alaska. 
Democrats from Alaska offered 10 reasons. But Max Croes, spokesman for the re-election campaign of Senator Mark Begich (D-AK), believes it has to do with an oil refinery that Koch Industries is closing in North Pole, Alaska. 
“I guess it took two weeks for the billionaire Koch brothers to finally realize Alaskans don’t appreciate them firing 80 Alaska workers and closing a refinery while at the same time funneling over $100,000 to outside political attack groups for misleading ads against Senator Begich,” Croes said. “Alaskans just aren’t going to buy what they’re selling.” 
The ad first attracted attention for its noticeably un-Alaskan look and its star, an actress from MarylandAFP is also using actors in the Obamacare ad targeting Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA).
Read more linked in title above.

As we posited a few days ago, "When you have nothing, fill the void with paid actors."  It is also critical to have a good handle on the scope of your industrial empire and how business decisions impact families.  Once that is in the forefront of one's decision-making, it is much easier to avoid comical ad placement as was the case in Alaska.


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