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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: NRCC Busted and Given A "Phishing Warning!"


Alas, the political season is upon us. It is becoming as ever-present and visible as the nations polar vortex weather and blankets of snow that sit on the ground for weeks. I read today that Pensacola, Florida had a temperature reading of 17 degrees with rain and sleet. I will admit that the report went unconfirmed, so I am not sure it it was true. Nonetheless, three quarters of the nation is suffering the coldest winter in decades.

We are also seeing GOP operatives and dirty tricksters practicing their  craft and spider-web like tricks across the internet.  Ethics doesn't seem to be a concern pf GOP operatives as some of their 'handy-work' has led to reimbursement of donations to a more than sneaky website campaign.  In fact, Google has pasted the website with this 'patented" phishing warning.  

Google warning that Republican site mimicking Alex Sink website is a

 Here is the NRCC web posting.


Make a Contribution Today to Help Defeat Alex Sink and candidates like her

Contributions from corporations, labor organizations, national banks, foreign nationals that are not lawfully admitted permanent residents, and federal government contractors are prohibited. Funds received in response to this solicitation are subject to federal contribution limits. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.
By clicking contribute I confirm that I am at least 18 years old and am making this contribution on a personal credit or debit card with my own personal funds – not those of another person or entity – and that I meet the eligibility requirements set forth below:
  • I am not a foreign national.
  • I am not a federal contractor.

Do you think the GOP, RNC and NRCC can perform election related campaigns without subterfuge, surreptitious activities or out-right voter fraud?
Voters beware, the GOP, its uber wealthy supporters and political operatives are busy. You are their intended victim.

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