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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignomionious: Via A Quick Hit. Draconian Views Of Men and Women Interaction

War on Women?  Call it what  you like, why do some ever go there, even if over 10 years ago.

I initially read the meme with curiosity of a strategically extracted and edited  (out of context) message.  In other words, like many meme an opportunity for a visual with message for instant and very temporary impact. The perfect social media message conduit and a testament the powerful of digital technology.  

A close friend asked about the rest of Cotton's statement, I suspected for the very same reason I read the meme with curiosity of a set-up. Well, we are both now cleansing ourselves of flashes of naivety in not realizing many in the party on the Right have gone socially insane. Or, they possess views people used to hide out of fear of being perceived as a social deviate.  Now-a-days such people feel free to blast-out or write anything they wish and they seem to garner supporters! We call it the Rush Limbaugh syndrome. For Limbaugh multiple multi-millionaire dollar contracts; for others exposure that makes them appear as idiots. 

We are turning the screed over to a linked piece from the Arkansas Times


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