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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Nation's Uber Wealthy Are Revolting Against The Less Fortunate. They are Saying, "Let Them Eat Cake."

Isn't it amazing once the Obama Administration and media commenced speaking about growing income disparity and income inequality, the wealthy start to show their insensitive ignorance in self-defense.

We realize yo know our position on income disparity, and you know our deep belief it is singularly attributable to Ronald Reagan's Trickle-down or Supply-side Economics.  If you are new to our posit, we ask that you view the following charts.  As you view the graphics, recognize the while Ronald Reagan raised taxes 11 times during his eight years int he Oval Office, the GOP is lock-step against raising national revenues via increases taxes to the nation's most "well-off."

A millionaire's tax rate, now and then. Share of Federal Tax revenue
A bit dated here, but the numbers do not change drastically. rest assured the numbers do not show any reversal.


One can only can only lose additional respect for the Bully Governor of New Jersey, after watching the completely asinine assertion of Chris Christie about "income mediocrity" as a possible result of any form of income balancing for the lower 80% of income earners. Christie rolled through Illinois in his role as Leader of the GOP Governor's Association, and actually racked up one million dollars. It should be noted Christie also feed the raving crowd a joke about his troubles in New Jersey, and he lauded George W. Bush as being under appreciated. Despite the complete insanity of Christie's insane oratory at the Economic Club of Chicago, the audience shoveled over the cash.

Now, take a view with Chris Hayes, MSNBC-ALL IN, and  Nick Hanauer, during a recent segment about the mega-wealthy and the "neo-rationalizers."

Published on May 17, 2012
Here is the much-talked-about talk on inequality given by Nick Hanauer at TED University. We (TED) are posting it here to promote public discussion on an important issue. See this blog post from TED Curator Chris Anderson: 

Let's close with a quick look at another depicted in the Chris Hayes segment: Tim Armstrong. Armstrong is this weeks example of oligarchy evolving to pure plutocracy. The Aol CEO has issues with the ACA and uses employees (clearly identified and placed in path of peer scorn and harassment) as objects of his CEO financial performance while placing the ACA on his forehead. His scorn and acts would have penalized employee 401K plan contributions. Linked 

The ruling class is saying, "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche."  Translated: "Let Them Eat Cake." 

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