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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Raw Story And The Koch "Errant" Document

There is little more satisfying than a peep inside a secretive community.  A society where people cloak themselves like the hooded and robed Ku Klux Klan (metaphorically only) to avoid scrutiny and revelation.

Now that someone in the Koch "army" drop a landmine via leaving behind their a "FOR EYES ONLY" document, scrutiny will ensue. Since, the document is also reported to have included a list of potential locations for future secret meetings. I am sure there will be "secret" meetings location changes. Let's face it, the Koch's surely do not want to end-up like Mitt Romney with his "47%" left for table busters and servers.

The Raw Story has published a piece on the "errant" document. A piece that includes a link to the donor's list.


Document exposes Papa John’s and other companies as secret Koch brother allies (via Raw Story )
The Koch brothers are well-known for their right-wing activism, but less has been known about the wealthy conservatives who fund their vast political operations. But a document left behind last week at the first donor gathering of 2014 at the Renaissance…

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