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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Real Christe's "Closet" Is Opening-up! IsThere A Cover-up (Wrap) In The Closet?

Friend of the TPI Tracy Knauss continues his stellar analysis and unique gift of electronic depiction.

Tracy Knauss
THE WEBS HE WEAVES — Instead of having his stomach stapled, NJ Gov. Chris Christie should have had his mouth stapled. Weight isn't the only thing Christie is losing. Try his campaign donors, his favorability ratings, his general support, his national "glow", his presidential top billing status, etc. Oh the webs we weave when at first we attempt to deceive.

The America Blog fills-in the puzzle Tracy Knauss so effectively depicted.  

Article excerpt

December 2013

“Christie during a Dec. news conference specifically if he knew about the closures as they were occurring. “Never. No,” he replied.”
Now that’s interesting – as some might try to argue that Christie’s quotes are talking about not knowing about the allegations of impropriety, not that he didn’t know about the actual lane closures while it was happening. But, the reporter from the Bergen Record says he asked Christie specifically about whether he knew about the closures at all while they were happening, and Christie said no.
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