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Friday, February 7, 2014

US Senate Votes Against Extending Unemployment Insurance; No Mainstream Network Covers The Vote!

In the shadows on some issues.  Why?
Media Matters continues to nail  the extent to which electronic media seeks ratings. How could it be the US Senate denial of unemployment insurance payments (even for three months retroactive back to last December, 28th) did not garner one second of coverage on network news?  

The failure to mention the Senate vote, is particularly striking since across the political spectrum (Democrats, Independent and Republican) Americans favor extending the payments. Of course, favoring the extension tails off once you look at favorable data from Republicans. Nonetheless, all favor extending the payments.

According to a Quinnipiac University survey, 58% of registered voters nationwide say they favor a three-month extension of the benefits for people currently out of work. 
The poll, which was released Wednesday, indicates a partisan divide, with overwhelming support from Democrats (83%-13%), majority backing from independents (54%-41%), and opposition from Republicans by a 54%-42% margin.
 The fact that not one mainstream network even mentioned the US Senate vote, speaks volumes about news producers and managers. If the data above is accurate and Quinnipiac has a reputation for accuracy with a progressive slant what you are about to see can only be attributed to ratings aversion. Are these networks avoiding issues that might 'turn-off" right-wing politicians. How is it so coincidental all three ignored a vote that may have you sitting at home with no income? The only answer is to avoid shame for the GOP and the prospect of Right-wing backlash from entities in DC. Let's face facts, the issue is an issue of interest to the public.

Broadcast News

See Media Matters here.

One more look at the shame of major network news.

Causes of Economic Harm

Yes, for a moment we digress away for the foibles and politics of network news managers and producers.  We simply cannot resist a snapshot of how FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network) covers another issue that impacts perception of the political Right.

Chris Christe Anyone?
Media Matters Chart: Mentions of Chris Christie on Cable News

People who are unaware of current events and issues critical to the nation, make bad choices.

What happens to the (common) people who do not earn millions per year (as do many broadcasters) when people vote the nation into political "OOOPs"; like electing George W. Bush twice. 

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