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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Attack the Poor!

...and I am reading about how the GOP has the inside track on the mid-term elections.  What a county?

Why attack people who are poor? We live in a capitalist economic system. The system has an inherent reality of people living in the lower rungs of the economic strata. So, why use the poor for politicking. A more salient point, why do the poor vote for people who will accept their vote and within weeks go about legislating against the them?

Why are the nation's poor even a political item?

MSNBC's Al Sharpton delves deep into GOP misjudgment and callous governance. Let's see cut food stamps, deny extension of unemployment insurance payments and, of course, no medical coverage for those without coverage.  Existential isn't it!

Sharpton wasn't finished. He icing'd his show with some Issa. Did I mention 'callous' governance above?

I am truly perplexed about why I continue hear and read reports of the GOP having an inside track on this years mid-term elections. America cannot seriously exist that far off its rocker!

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