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Friday, March 14, 2014

"Between Two Ferns" Obama Derangement! How very silly!

AP Photo / David Zalubowski

President agrees to join the Between The Ferns show for delivery of a critical message about the Affordable Care Act, his appearance led to millions visiting the ACA site and, of course "Stiff-Necked Fools" (Bob Marley Lyrics) and Fox News went "deranged."

The stiffest of the all, David Gergen, joined Bill O'Reilly and Fox News et al., in showing how conservative America would shape the nation. And, frankly, they are lying.

What I personally care about David Gergen could fit on the action tip of a sewing needle with enough room for sharing the tip with Chris Christie. While running for the presidency in 2008, I watched and heard Gergen criticize candidate Obama for not standing tall and fighting on certain issues. The very moment candidate Obama moved to more confrontation as the election neared, Gergen was there on CNN mumbling through a comments about how Obama's actions were not presidential.

Talking Points Memo on Gergen

TPM LIVEWIREAs Expected, Obama's 'Ferns' Interview Made CNN's David Gergen Uncomfortable

 (“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.” )
If Gergen had his druthers, no president would ever appear on such a show. And the septuagenarian is certain there's a better way for Obama to reach the kids.
Am no fan of presidents appearing on shows like Between Two Ferns. Obama has better ways to reach young about ACA. 

Unimaginable that Truman, Ike, JFK, Reagan would appear on Between Two Ferns. They carefully protected majesty of their office. 
It was a pretty predictable reaction from Gergen, who served as an adviser to four presidents and has been rhapsodizing about the majesty of the Oval Office ever since. The White House certainly saw it coming. 
Shortly before the "Ferns" interview surfaced online, Obama spokesman Dan Pfeiffer joked that the bit might "give David Gergen a heart attack."

Gergen in summary. "Who in hell anointed David Gergen in all of his conservatism, a barometric-caller and assessor on what is or is not presidential?"

Fox News?
Progressives and Liberals (and Left leaning Independents) know that Fox News has a mission. The network is the singular most visible purveyor of Right-wing dogma and communications. That means the network is about the business of propaganda without equal. 

No, we do not agree MSNBC is an exact Left-leaning balance. Of course, we are biased to the Left (big-time), but we are also fair. If we consider the extent of lies from Fox and the extent of apologies for wrong information from MSNBC, we need not indulge in further consideration.

If you need additional points to ponder, consider the flak from the Right regarding President Obama's appearance on the "Between Two Ferns" Show. Fox News executives, managers, producers and visible millionaire hosts all know every president since Truman has partaken if some form of public humor.  The introduction of home television with associated (and requisite) cameras virtually ensured humorous television appearances from the White House. It is impossible Fox News (And David Gergen of CNN) would not know of exhibits you will see in the following Rachel Maddow Show segment. If we accept either they have to know of past humorous performances out of the White House or their refuse to research prior to developing news stories, the only conclusion in their Two Ferns derangement: propaganda.

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