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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Chris Christie: Back As The "Bully"(Video)

Chris Christie cannot actually expect to live his entire life as a bully and expect good things to repose at the end of the path. 

As Christie draws his friendly town-hall crowds, he is also now drawing New Jersey residents who are concerned about gubernatorial criminal activity malfeasance.


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Now, let's see Christie and the GOP at its most common. As you listen to the New Jersey bully, think back to the GOP Right's Principles as paid disruptors attended Democrat healthcare reform town hall meetings. The paid GOP disruptors did exactly what Christie lays at the feet of New Jersey public service workers.

Christie projects GOP strategy to the public service workers as well as any GOP functionary.

The Raw Story

Chris Christie mocks ‘public sector unions’ as police remove hecklers from town hall (via Raw Story )
Embattled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) once again faced a crowd of angry hecklers at a town hall on Tuesday, but blamed “public sector unions” for the outburst. “Governor Christie, we are here to demand, you stop your corrupt uses, of Hurricane…

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