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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Christie Exonerates Himself From Any Culpability In "Bridegate"

Top-of-the-morning...... and we have a Christie report.

It looks like Chris Christie via a "very friendly and cozy" lawyer has exonerated himself for any wrong doing regarding "Bridgegate." In fact, a strategic leak of (alleged) unreleased investigation results is as telling as Christie firing his key staffer, Kelly, without one question her about the George Washington Bridge lane closures.

Apparently, Rachel Maddow's research team also "smells something fishy."

The more I read and hear about the Christie Administration the more I see and feel corruption, pandering to the wealthy and favored treatment for political advantage. We must never forget, we also see severe "bullying". 

We will keep our eye on "Bridgegate", Hurricane Sandy funds and Christie's horrid inter-personal leadership.

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