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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Corker And The GOP Screw Tennessee!

Last week I published a piece about the continuing manifestation of GOP malfeasance when applied to the common people. Senator Corker (R) Tennessee clearly showed how misrepresentation and lies benefit those who seek personal power and are willing to spend lavishly to secure their will. It is clear the peopel of Tenessee took a back seat to GOP power-brokers with Corker as the conduit.

While the GOP maintains anti-collective bargaining bedrock position as solidly as its positions on the ACA and civil rights (human rights), voters should recognize the deleterious affect of the aggregate "body of policy" from the party.

Our piece from last week:  Volkswagen speaks out on union vote

RePost.US via Americans Against The Tea Party

Republicans Kill 13,000 Jobs in Tennessee with Anti-Union Vote. (via Americans Against The Tea Party)
Executives at Volkswagen met last night to discuss the closure of a plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee after workers there voted to reject the formation of a worker’s council through joining the United Autoworkers Union (UAW). The closure of the plant…

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