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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cybercriminals And Malaysia Airlines MH370

Certainly, we do not have to remind you of the ever-present dangers associated with the Internet. The Internet as post 1990s media has provided a "stage coach" like opportunity for bandits, crooks, thieves, or those who seek excitement from conniving acts. You already know with every purchase on the web your credit card numbers are potentially exposed to the unscrupulous. 

If you recall the unfathomable vulnerability of US retailers regarding credit card purchases, you know the danger. If you do not recall the danger Targets (tm) stores and a few other retailers reported credit card number theft (last pre-Christmas) in the high multi-millions.  

I would be hard pressed to think you are not aware of reports of shady groups soliciting on the web with a legit appearing front (Phishing). They look legit on the surface, but the front has a back-room of slimy criminals (possibly working as hourly wage piece-work employee) working at securing your private or financial information.  

How about the front that seeks to take advantage of our empathy for people suffering stress or suffering dire levels of strife. I offer the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy as examples of the unscrupulous who seek to take advantage our kind hearts and able wallets.

Wouldn't you know criminals have taken up leveraging Malaysia Air MH370 as catalyst for cyber crime. 


Cybercriminals use fake MH370 websites to steal data (via AFP)
Cybercriminals are exploiting the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines plane by luring users to websites purporting to offer the latest news in order to steal their personal information, an Internet security firm warned Tuesday. Trend Micro urged Internet…

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