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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Don't Be A Sucker!

Massachusetts Observer

Our freedom, our way of life, depends upon being attuned to any similar attempts at manipulation in our time. And there is trouble on the horizon.

In our day, we have similar scapegoats. Undocumented workers, illegal aliens, gays, blacks, liberals, progressives are all used as reasons for the country’s ills. The game of divide and conquer is still very much in vogue. The blurring of the accepted meaning of words such as socialism, communism, democracy, fascism, has caused the easily-swayed masses to turn against each other.

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The video embed below is seventeen minutes long, but as you watch the video, you might see how overt racism works its way into the psyche of the susceptible. 

I often refer to regressive ideology endemic and a systemic undercurrent in the GOP. If you recall, I frequently reference the GOP longing as a time beyond the mid 1950s or early 1960s. The following video captures my point in as visually stunning manner imaginable. 

As you watch the exhibition, think about this.....

Did you notice the applause from the audience? The next day Santorum declared he did not say "black people," he claimed to have said , "BLAH people." If that was the case, I think the people who applauded must have seen a "BLAH people." The crowd sure seemed to get the campaign rhetoric. Maybe, we should ask the Finding Big Foot Show crew to re-convene Santorum's audience. On another note, how about thinking about the Santorum crowd applause as you watch what follows.

Don't Be a Sucker - 1947

Interesting, eh?   

Don't be a sucker! Today, they are far more subtle. Subtle, but singularly and similarly focused as a party that is 92% white, high-end baby boomers and a party that wants to shape our society in their paradigm and belief systems. 

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